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Is the Name “Jesus” a Translation or a Transliteration from Hebrew?

By Maria Merola 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August 2007

Before I address the historical background of how the name “Yahuwshuwa” (Joshua) was shortened to “Yeshua,” and then finally changed to “Jesus,” I want to explain the difference between “translate” and “transliterate.” 

To translate a word from one language into another language means to take the meaning of a name from one language into another language. 

*Example: the word “salvation” in Greek is “soteria,” but in Hebrew, the word for “salvation” is “yeshua.” 

If we want to translate the word “salvation” from Hebrew (yeshua), into Greek, we would use the word “soteria.” 

But to transliterate a name means to correlate the letters from one alphabet to another alphabet. 

*Example: the name of our Messiah is Joshua in Ancient Hebrew which is Yahuwshuwa. In Modern Hebrew, it is rendered as 

This is due to grammatical rule that was invented by the Masoretic Scribes in the 10th Century called “The Pretonal Shortening Rule.This rule was invented with an agenda to hide our Fathers name to prevent it from being pronounced correctly. However, if our Heavenly Fathers name (YaHuW) appears at the end of Theophoric names, it shall remain as it is.

Here are three examples:

Eliyahuw = Elijah.
Yirmeyahuw = Jeremiah.
Yeshayahuw = Isaiah.

Thus, the Masoretes deliberately changed the vowels in our Fathers name whenever it appears at the front of Theophoric names. Here are a few examples:

*Yahuwshuwa (Joshua) is now rendered as Yehowshuwa or shortened to Yeshua.

*Yahuwnathan (Jonathan) is now rendered as Yehownathan or shortened to Yonathan.

*Yahuwchanon (John) is now rendered as Yehowchanon or shortened to Yochanan.

*Yahuwseph (Joseph) is now rendered as Yehowseph, but later shortened to Yoseph.

*YahuwEL (Joel) was shortened to YowEL.

To learn more about why our Fathers name has been hidden for millennia, see these blogs:

In the above examples, the name YaHuW,which is our Fathers name, appears on the end of these prophets names.

The Masoretes were Hebrew Scribes that added the vowel-pointing system to the TaNaKh (Old Testament) around the 10th Century. Without these vowels, we would all have a difficult time reading the Scriptures. The original TaNaKh (Old Testament) was written only with 22 consonants, making it difficult to distinguish one word from another similar word. This is because as time went on, the vocabulary of the Hebrew language expanded and new word were invented.

As an example, the Hebrew word for sun,is shemesh,but there is a similar Hebrew word for servant,which is shamash.Both of these words would are spelled with only three Hebrew consonants: shin, mem, shin. If we were to read the TaNaKh (Old Testament) in its original form (without vowels), we would not be able to distinguish the word sun from the word servant.This is why the vowel-pointing system became necessary.

It would be the equivalent of trying to read an English textbook with the words bat, bet, bit, bot, and but, without the vowels. We would see the consonants b and t, but without vowels we would not be able to understand the context.

The Hebrew letters in this name (Joshua) are as follows: 

Yod, Hey, Waw, Shin, Waw, Ayin (YHWSWA). 

If one were to transliterate the name Joshua into Greek, the corresponding six letters should be as follows: 

Hebrew Yod = Greek Iota. 
Hebrew Hey = Greek Epsilon. 
Hebrew Waw (Vav) = Greek Upsilon. 
Hebrew Shin = Greek Sigma. 
Hebrew Waw (Vav) = Greek Upsilon. 
Hebrew Ayin = Greek Omicron. 

Therefore, the corresponding letters to the Hebrew YaHuWShuWA (Joshua) should be rendered in Greek as IEUSUO. 

However, the Greek letters that are used to “transliterate” from the Hebrew YaHuWShuWA (Joshua) are not accurate. The Greek spelling amounts to: IHSOUS. 

Hebrew Yod = Greek Iota. 
Hebrew Chets = Greek Eta. 
Hebrew Shin = Greek Sigma. 
Hebrew Ayin = Greek Omicron. 
Hebrew Waw (Vav) = Greek Upsilon 
Hebrew Shin = Greek Sigma. 

As we can see, the Greek translators were not honest in transliterating the Hebrew name YaHuWShuWA (Joshua) using the corresponding Greek letters. 

For if they had, the name would be “IEUSUO” rather than “IHSOUS.” One has to wonder why they added an extra letter “Sigma” at the end of the name “Joshua,” when it clearly does not match the Hebrew “Ayin.” 

Additionally, the “IHS” (Iota, Eta, Sigma) has been widely known to express the Egyptian pagan trinity of sun worship, for which the Roman Catholic Church has adopted into its Mystery Religion. 

In Ancient Egypt, this trinity is known as “Isis, Horus & Set.” 

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