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Trump’s Rise to Power Foretold in Megamind

 By Maria Merola

© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, March 21, 2020 - April 24, 2023

The film entitled “Megamind,” from 2010, contains predictive programming about three successive Presidents: Trump, Biden & Obama. The Title “Megamind,” is obviously an allusion to the idea of a global “Hive Mind” powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This film made its debut on November 5th, 2010. This was the same year that the Rockefeller’s formulated their secret depopulation plan to the global elites, formally called “Operation Lockstep.” It is precisely what President Trump was carrying out, when he launched “Operation Warp Speed,” in 2020. This was “code” for “Depopulation Agenda!”  

It is also not an accident that the film debuted on November 5th, since this was the date of the Gun Powder Plot of 1605, when the Jesuits in Rome attempted to assassinate King James and his family in the English Parliament. The film entitled “V for Vendetta,” was a reminder to us all that the Illuminati (a Latin nick-name given to the Jesuits by Ignatius DeLoyola in the 1500’s) still have a vendetta against the true followers of our Messiah, and they intend to carry out their plans all the way to the end. In May of 2017, President Trump (a graduate of Jesuit College Fordham University) visited Pope Francis (the first ever Jesuit Pope), at the Vatican, and he accepted his “Climate Change Encyclical,” which is just another name for “Depopulation Agenda!” 

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The global elites have already admitted, they want everyone’s mind to be connected to the Three-Story High Computer Complex in Brussels Belgium. It is appropriately given the acronym B.E.A.S.T. (Belgian Electronic Accounting Surveillance Terminal). 

See this graphic below:

The agenda behind these DNA-altering Vaccines, is to cause everyone on the planet to become “ONE MIND WITH THE BEAST,” via “DARPA-HYDROGEL” aka “Graphene Oxide” (Revelation 17:13). 

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The movie begins with Megamind falling from heaven, just as our Messiah described Satan (Isaiah 14:12; Luke 10:18). You will also notice, that as he is falling, he is carrying a giant syringe. Below, you can see a skyscraper laying on the ground that also looks like a giant syringe. This is the global elites telling us that they are using the pandemic to take down the economy, so they can implement their One World Religion, Government and Economy of the beast.

Both, Metro Man & Megamind are “aliens” from another planet. In reality, those of us who study the Scriptures, know that Hollywood often depicts as aliens are (Nephilim, fallen angels). The writers of the film seem to be suggesting that Metro Man is the real Messiah, (a benevolent guy that is loved by everyone). I personally believe Metro Man represents the “archetype” of what we have all come to believe about the real Messiah of Yisra’el, whose Hebrew name is Yahuwshuwa (Joshua), but who many call “Jesus.” 

Metro Man is an amalgam of Elvis Presley, Superman, and Jesus. He represents the classic “superhero” that Americans have all grown up to believe in since the 1930’s. We have seen him as the iconic macho-man who possesses superstar status in all the Marvel Comic Books. However, Megamind is a departure from this classic “archetype,” because he is obviously “Satan,” trying to shift the paradigm of what a good leader should behave and look like. 

Megamind represents everything we have been taught about the devil all our lives. He is rebellious, he is hated, and he is the underdog. He is not handsome, nor muscular. He is not the “Alpha male” that we have come to admire in 20th Century American culture. All his life, Megamind is hated by everyone, (including Roxanne Ritchie, a news reporter), and he is the underdog, the poor persecuted martyr. We are made to feel sorry for him. This reminds me of how the Liberals in Hollywood, and the news media have mercilessly persecuted President Trump during his four years in office. I submit to you, that this fierce persecution of Trump, has been “BY DESIGN,” to make him look like the underdog, a persecuted Messiah!

Having studied the strategies of the occult, I learned that the “The Satanic Bible” lays out three different spells that can be done to conjure up power over others: Sympathy, Lust, and Revenge. In other words, “sympathy” is a powerful way to get people on your side. In 1968, the Rolling Stones recorded a song entitled “Sympathy for the Devil” explaining this very same concept in the lyrics. President Trump has been showing us that he is the poor, persecuted martyr, just like our Messiah. The prophet Isaiah wrote about our Messiah, calling him a man who was despised and rejected, before his resurrection from the dead.

Isaiah 53:3 He is despised and rejected of mena man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Megamind started out just like Superman (an alien from another planet), but just before his planet was about to be destroyed, his parents sent him to earth in a space capsule. His blue color is an allusion to Illuminati royal families called 
“Blue Bloods,” of which the Trump family are! 
A television series entitled “Blue Bloods,” (which debuted in 2010), features a staunchly Roman Catholic family whose members work for the Police Department. The logo features an upside down skyline of Manhattan, which makes me think of the underground nature of the Illuminati, as well as the mythical Lost City of Atlantis, which was buried in the Atlantic Ocean according to folklore. Additionally, President Trump started his successful Real Estate & Development Business in Manhattan. President Trump’s family claim to be Blue Bloods,” which are supposedly, a royal bloodline of the Illuminati, also called “Merovingian Jews,” (supposedly offspring of Mary Magdalene & Jesus). 

And now, Back to Megamind:

At the same time that Megamind is being sent to planet earth, Metro Man (who is also from another planet) is sent as an infant in a space capsule to earth. However, Metro Man lands in the home of a well-adjusted loving family, while Megamind’s capsule lands in the courtyard of a prison filled with hardened criminals. This could be an allusion to the two Impeachment attempts that have been forged against Trump. However, just like in the movie, Megamind outsmarted the Warden, and was able to escape prison, just as Trump also has escaped the consequences of two Impeachments, (which did not hurt his political career in the least bit). 

Trump comes from a long line of aristocrats in Europe who believe they are descended from “Jesus & Mary Magdalene!” Of course, this idea is straight-up nonsense, because we know that our Messiah was never married to Mary Magdalene. Nevertheless, the Rosicrucian Cult (explained in the DaVinci Code films) would have us believe that they are the direct physical descendants of “Jesus,” also called “Merovingians.” This is why Trump has no problem referring to himself as “The Chosen One!” 

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This explains why Trump openly allows himself to be called “The Messiah, the King of Israel, and the Second Coming of God!” On August 21st 2019, Trump retweeted a statement that had been posted by Wayne Allyn Root, as he bragged that the Jews in Israel have elevated him to the status of “God!” Is this not one of the characteristics of the man of sin? 

2nd Thessalonians 2:4 Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called Elohiym, or that is worshipped; so that he as Elohiym sits in the Temple of Elohiym, showing himself that he is Elohiym

One of the main characteristics of the Little horn, or Antichrist, is that he is “Given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies against the most high” (Daniel 7:8 & 20; Revelation 13:5).

Continuing with the Megamind film:

After Megamind was sent in a space capsule to earth, he landed in a the courtyard of prison cell, and not the typical well-adjusted American Christian home. His time in prison, (I believe) is an allusion to Trump’s two Impeachment attempts. Other films and books have featured predictive programming about Trump, and they all seem to have one thing in common. They all contain suggestions of “time travel” into alternate realities.
The book entitled “The Last President” by Ingersoll Lockwood, (written in 1896) and the sequel “Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey” features a little boy named “Baron Trump,” and he has a mentor named “Master Don.” Little Baron Trump builds a “time machine” that enables him to travel into alternate realties, via an underground tunnel that starts in Germany, but leads to a portal in Russia! 

The 1985-1989 films “Back to the Future” (Parts 1 & 2) also features a “time machine” car that travels from 1985 to 1955, and then to 2015. 

Each of the films contain eerie predictive programming about the Twin Towers in New York City falling in 2001, and about Donald Trump’s Presidency. In BTTF Part 2, there is also predictive programming about President Trump’s development of the Covid Vaccines in the scene where Marty conducts a business transaction with a man named “Douglas J. Needles,” a hint about “Donald J. Trump.”

At the beginning of the movie, Megamind uses his special watch (sent to him by his sidekick Minion) to escape from prison. This watch enables him to disguise as the Warden in order to escape prison. His watch is called a “Holowatch,” because it creates a hologram of the person scanned by the watch, as a means of disguise.

Megamind later uses the watch to disguise himself as Barnard at the Metro Man Museum so that Roxanne doesn’t see him. Hal is the camera man for Roxanne Ritchie, and he becomes the experiment for Megamind’s plan to create a new superhero.

HAL 9000 is a fictional artificial intelligence character, and the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarkes Space Odyssey series. First appearing in the 1968 film 2001: 

A Space Odyssey, HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer) is a sentient artificial general intelligence computer that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft and interacts with the ships astronaut crew. Hal is a redhead, which generally means he could be Irish. President Biden is of Irish descent. Anothe reason why I see Hal portraying Biden, is because he is a bumbling idiot who almost destroys Metro City, just before Megamind returns to the Oval Office to save the city from complete annihilation.

In the 1985 
“Back to the Future,” film, the writer, Bob Gale explained in an interview that they created Biff Tannen is to be Donald Trump. Biff mercilessly bullies George McFly who he calls “An Irish punk,” which tells me that Joe Biden is meant to be the red-headed Irish punk.

After Hal gets injected with Metro Man’s DNA sample (and obtains his powers), Megamind scans an old man and disguises himself as Hal’s “Space Dad” to manipulate him into becoming Metro City’s new superhero. Megamind (disguised as Marlon Brando from the Godfather) gives Hal a new name, which is “Titan.” The word “Titan” in Greek means “Giantor 

This is what is taking place in real life. Trump claimed to be The Father of the Vaccine,” in March of 2021, as he hinted that he was responsible for injecting billions of people with his own Nephilim DNA. In October 2020, Trump tweeted “My blood is the vaccine!” Shortly after that, his son, Don Jr. tweeted this seemingly humorous post on Twitter, but it was actually a cryptic statement that I believe is telling us the truth about who they really are!

President Biden was deliberately placed in office to play the role of the bumbling idiot like “Hal,” who starts destroying Metro City. After Hal has caused a sufficient amount of damage to Metro City, the citizens who previously hated Megamind, begin begging him to return to office, including Roxanne Ritchie, (the news media). This strategy is called “controlled opposition!”

While Megamind is growing up as a boy in jail, he wears an orange jumpsuit, which reminds us of the famous nick-name given to Trump, “Orange Man.” Even though Trump did not grow up in prison, this could be an illusion to the idea that Trump is a 
“Bad boy,” who is frequently getting himself into trouble with the law, but always manages to escape serious consequences.

Roxanne Ritchie represents the media, and she hates “Orange Man” (Trump). As a child, Megamind goes to school, but he pronounces it as “shul.” This is a deliberate clue pointing to Trump’s Jewish heritage, and ties to Judaism. On page 188 of his book entitled “The Way to the Top,” Donald Trump wrote about his Kabbalah teacher, Eitan Yardeni who has advised him since the 1980’s. 

In Megamind’s prison cell, there is a giant rainbow painted onto the wall, which is symbolic of the Zionist Noahide Laws, which is also referred to as “The Rainbow Covenant.” Trump has reaffirmed the Noahide Laws by signing the documents in 2019, just like all the other presidents have done since Jimmy Carter. 

A short and concise explanation of the Noahide Law can be found at the following website: Noahide Laws: Religious Deceit 

The Noahide Laws allow our government to legally exterminate any citizen of the New World Order that believes Yahuwshuwa (aka Jesus) is the only way to the Father. This law was first signed into U.S. Congress in 1993 under President George H.W. Bush. You will notice in the illustration below, Megamind is wearing a helmet that is  hooked up to a computerized hive mind, meant to reprogram him. The rainbow on the wall, is an allusion to the Noahide Laws, and the unicorn is hint about the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6:2, the false Messiah.

At the beginning of the movie, Metro Man is the star of Metro City, and he is being celebrated by its citizens, as they dedicate a “GIANT IMAGE” of Metro Man at the Metro Man Museum. 

This reminds me of “The Giant” that is scheduled to be erected in 21 U.S. cities. It 
is a precursor to the “Image of the Beast” that will be erected in the Jerusalem Temple in the end of days. See this link to learn more: Meet The Giant - The World’s Tallest Moving Statue

Soon after the citizens of Metro City “make an image” of him, he fakes his death, and retreats into obscurity. This is when Megamind steps in to take his place in the Oval Office, where you can see the “The Ark of the Covenant!” 

This is obviously a hint that Trump is “The Chosen One,” that the Zionists have selected to build the future Temple in Jerusalem. 

New developments have transpired as of January 24th 2024. James O’Keefe & Laura Loomer were seen on Social Media posing next to a replica of the Ark of the Covenant at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Estate!

This makes me think of “The Image of the Beast” in Revelation 13:15 that is “given life” and “made to speak.” I am also reminded of the giant statue that Trump dedicated to Pope John Paul II, on June 3rd, 2020, at his Museum. 

At the February 2021 CPAC Event, a giant golden statue of President Trump was put on display, (an allusion to King Nebuchadnezzars golden statue in Daniel chapter 3). The public consciousness is being primed to worship the Image of the Beast in Revelation 13:14-15, aka the Abomination that causes Desolation!

After Metro Man’s faked death, Roxanne Ritchie & Megamind both go to the Metro Man Museum, (separately). Roxanne does not see Megamind, but he sees her from a distance, as he hides from her, so as not to be seen. Megamind is lamenting the death of Metro Man, because he no longer has an arch-nemisis with which to compete. Roxanne laments the death of Metro Man, because she believes he is the only one who who can save Metro City, just as many Conservatives now believe that only Trump can save America & the State of Israel.

While at the Museum, Roxanne Ritchie meets the custodian, and at first she calls him “Barry” (Obama’s real name is Barry Soetoro). But the custodian corrects her and says “My name is Barnard.” 

This could be a hidden message that the Global Elites are not planning for Obama to return as President, despite the many rumors circulating about Obama’s possible return to the Oval Office.

What is interesting about this, is the “playbook” that President Trump has been following is titled “Draining the Swamp: The NESARA Story,” and it is authored by a man named Harvey Francis Barnard, whose name also adds up to 666 in Gematria. President Donald Trump & Vaccination also add up to 666, as well. See 

Megamind then uses his special Holographic  wristwatch, and disguises himself into “Barnard” to fool Roxanne Ritchie. This may also be a hint about Obama not returning as POTUS (since the film was made in 2010) and Obama was on his way out in 2012. At the museum, Roxanne sees “Barnard” (who is really Megamind in disguise), and she strikes up a conversation with him. Together, they formulate a plan to create a new superhero to replace Metro Man. 

As Roxanne & Megamind (disguised as Barnard) are leaving the Museum, (because it’s about to close), they take the elevator down, and you can see plainly on the doors of the elevator, the #45! 

This is obviously alluding to President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States! It also makes me think that perhaps, he will not even run for the 47th President, because he may be able to prove “Election Fraud,” and thus, be able to step back in as the 45th President without being reelected!

There is no reason for the #45 to be on the elevator door, except that they were giving us a clue in 2010, about who the 45th President would be! While on the elevator “going down,” Roxanne Ritchie says to Megamind (disguised as Barnard), “Things are getting so crazy---if only the world had a reset button.” Back in 2010, nobody was using this kind of terminology alluding to “The Great Reset!”

What other reason would they have for displaying the #45 on the elevator doors going down? 

Megamind (disguised as Barnard) goes back to his “Evil Lair” with his sidekick “Minion,” and he begins brainstorming how he is going to create a new “superhero.” He tells Minion that he is going use the DNA from a piece of dandruff found on Metro Man’s cape. 

This is a huge clue, about the “Clone of Jesus” that the Global Elites have been planning since the year 2000! 

Back in 2002, (following the events of 9/11), I was doing some research online, and I found a website called “Christians for Cloning Jesus.” I was stunned to find out that they claimed to have used the DNA from the blood samples found on the “Shroud of Turin,” and were planning to “Clone Jesus Christ!”

Scientists claimed they created an embryo of “Jesus,” and then planted it into the womb of a virgin woman on December 25th 2000. This means the clone will be 30 years old by December 25th 2030, and ready to act as “The Abomination of Desolation,” aka  “The Image of the Beast,” in the Jerusalem Temple! 

Megamind uses a GIANT SYRINGE that looks like a super-soaker squirt gun, and he formulates a HYBRID SUPER-BEING using “Hal” (Roxanne Ritchie’s Camera man), by infusing into him the DNA of Metro Man (who is a so-called Alien or Nephilim). 

After leaving the Metro Man Museum, Roxanne & Megamind (disguised as Barnard) make plans to create their new “superhero.” During this time, Roxanne falls in love with Megamind (who she thinks is Barnard). 

But Megamind’s cover is blown, when his magic wristwatch malfunctions, and he shape-shifts back to Megamind’s image. 

At this point, Roxanne becomes extremely angry with Megamind, (because he tricked her into falling for him). And this is when she tells him off, and wants nothing further to do with him. 

Back at his “Evil Lair,” Megamind continues to lament to his side-kick “Minion,” that he has no “arch-nemesis” to compete with. He even uses the reference of the “Yin & Yang,” which is used in the occult and Freemasonry to symbolize “SYNTHESIS” of two seemingly opposites into unity. 

Megamind then uses “Hal” as an unsuspecting guinea pig, by injecting him with the DNA from Metro Man (who is an Alien False Messiah). Megamind “shape-shifts” again as “Marlon Brando from the Godfather,” and tells Hal, “I am your Space Father.” 

To go along with this idea of an Artificial Intelligence Godfather, a recent article from Popular Mechanics explains this is no longer Science Fiction, but is fast becoming a reality:

Titan (Hal), then becomes the new superhero, who is symbolic of President Biden. While Titan is in power, he causes rampant destruction of Metro City. He even tears down a large skyscraper building that looks like giant vaccine syringe from an aerial view.

This is a hint that while Megamind (Trump) is responsible for developing the DNA-altering jabs, Titan (Biden) is the one that picked up the baton and continued to enforce what Trump started. Biden was deliberately placed in office to take the heat off of Trump for the harmful vaccines.

Like Biden, Hal’s only function, is to make Megamind look good (by comparison), to the citizens of Metro City. Once Titan goes on his destructive rampage (like Biden is doing right now to America), Roxanne Ritchie changes her attitude about Megamind, and realizes that he is “THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS,” and she begs Megamind to RETURN! 

During the chaos and destruction of Metro City by Titan, the news media announces to the public that they are on “LOCK-DOWN,” and they must STAY INSIDE THEIR HOMES, AND DO NOT LEAVE! 

Roxanne (symbolic of the news media), suddenly loves Megamind, because he steps in to save the day, by defeating Titan. Titan (symbolic of Biden) is finally defeated, and out of the picture. Now, the people of Metro City, love Megamind, because he saved them from the evil Titan (symbolic of Biden). Not only does Megamind regain the confidence of Metro City, but he also gets his girl back, Roxanne, who symbolizes the media. When Megamind makes his come-back the song Im Bad by Michael Jackson is playing, which is one of Trump’s characteristics. He’s a “Badass,” and hes proud of it.

However, the people of Metro City have no idea that Megamind CREATED the evil Titan, for the express purpose of causing destruction to Metro City, thus making Megamind seem like a savior! 

At the beginning of 2021, we saw Trumps popularity taking a dive, following the events of the January 6th Capitol Dome fiasco. This was done intentionally, to make Trump appear to be a Messiah-like figure who was falsely accused of Insurrection. To understand more behind this plot, see these two blogs: 

However, by the end of February 2021, we were beginning to see the news media cover favorable stories about President Trump following the CPAC 2021 event in Florida. By March 13th 2021, Trump announced (on a Saturday) that the second attempt to Impeach him had failed. Since when does any political figure make announcements on a Saturday? 

It is because the Freemasons use the number “13” as part of their Kabbalah Magic. Trump could have announced this on Friday, March 12th, but he waited until Saturday March 13th, 2021. In the previous year, on March 13th 2020, is when Trump announced a National State of Emergency over the Coronavirus Pandemic. On August 13th 2020, is when he announced the signing of the Abraham Accords. This was Trump fulfilling the role of the “Little Horn” (Daniel 7:24 & Daniel 8:25). 

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Even Newsweek Magazine, published a story in March 2021, of Trump’s new Social Media Platform, which was at that time, scheduled to begin in June 2021. 

This is a far cry from January 2021, when all the news media outlets were banning Trumps voice from being heard. On April 20th 2021, I watched an interview with Sean Hannity & President Trump, where they were talking about the radical policies of Joe Biden, and how he is destroying our country. 

Trump told Sean Hannity that he plans on making a come-back in 2024, hopefully to SAVE AMERICA from the destructive policies of Biden & Harris. 

When Trump returns, I believe he will implement THE NESARA ACT, which stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act, which was a law that was passed in the year 2,000. The entire world (including the media) will WONDER AFTER THE BEAST, and admire him, because he will appear to bring in a New Age of Peace & Prosperity. 

On its face, the NESARA Act sounds like the perfect Utopia, and like every American’s dream. However, to go along with all these freedoms, there will be a price to pay, that price will be your eternal soul. To enjoy these freedoms, people will be enticed to worship the beast, and his image, and take his mark in their hand or forehead.

The second beast  of Revelation 13:11, (which I believe is Trump), will heal America, from a DEADLY WOUND! 

On December 21st (Winter Solstice), the Gallup Poles announced that Trump is THE MOST ADMIRED MAN IN AMERICA. 

The Greek word wondered in Revelation 13:3 literally means ADMIRED! 

In the film, Roxanne Ritchie falls in love with Barnard aka aka “Megamind. But when Megamind’s cover is blown, she is angry at first. However, she ultimately falls for Megamind, because he is combating a SEEMINGLY GREATER EVIL! 

Megamind Wants to be Metro Man, Who is Jesus, Elvis & Superman

Metro Man symbolizes the real Messiah, Yahuwshuwa who is a good guy with special powers, and loved by all. There is even a scene at the beginning of the film where Metro Man walks on water. However, he looks like Elvis Presley, and Superman at the same time. He wears the typical super-hero costume complete with a cape. He also has the same 1950’s hairdo like Elvis. 

After Metro Man fakes his death, he hides in obscurity, and has ambitions to become a music artist, like Elvis. There is a scene where Megamind & Roxanne find out where Metro Man is hiding, and they discover that he is singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. He tells them that he is no longer interested in being a super-hero, because he wants to pursue a
career in music. He is perfectly content with allowing Megamind to take his place in Metro City as the new super-hero. This is like a hint that “Jesus,is no longer interested in being the savior, and he is perfectly content with handing over that role to Satan (who is Megamind), who is also Trump.

Mary Magdalene, Mary MacLeod, Marty McFly, Metro Man & Mega-mind

Although this may sound like a mere coincidence, I may have found another connection with all these names having the initials of MM.
You see, after doing a ton of research on Donald Trump’s family bloodline, I discovered that his mother’s maiden name is Mary McLeod, and that she was a Scottish Jew from the Tribe of Dan.

Merovingians believe they are descended from the offspring of Mary Magdalene” & Jesus, and that they have special royal blood. On Trump’s father’s side of the family, they use Christ as their middle name for the same reasons. Trump’s father’s name was Fred Christ Trump, and his paternal grandmother (from whom he inherited his family fortune of 413 million) was Elizabeth Christ Trump.

So what exactly is the connection with all these names having the initials of MM?

1.) Metro Man’s DNA was used to inject Hal, because he possesses special super powers like Super Man & Jesus. In the Jewish Talmud, there is an angel mentioned named Metatron, (who I believe is a fallen angel), but some within Judaism falsely believe he is the Pre-Incarnate Messiah.

2.) Marty McFly from Back to the Future, had the ability to engage in Time Travel, via the Delorean Car, so we could say that he exists in 1955 (the past), in 1985 (the present at the time of the film), and 2015 (the future at the time of the film). The Delorean had to travel at a speed of 88 miles per hour, to break the time warp, and the #88 symbolizes eternity or infinity. The #8 on it’s side is a symbol for The Metaverse, and The Magicianin the Tarot Cards. The fadt that Marty McFly existed in all time continuums means he is like the eternal one who is, and who was, and who is to come.” 

3.) Mary MacLeod, is Trump’s mother, and she gave birth to him on a Blood Red Moon on a total lunar eclipse, exactly 700 days before Israel became a nation on June 14th, 1946. It is believed that she is a descendant from “Jesus & Mary Magdalene.A Jesuit Catholic Priest painted a famous painting of Trump’s mother pregnant with him under a Blood Red Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse. The name of the painting is called “The Mystery of Faith.” 

To learn more, see my other blog: Trump’s Merovingian Royal Bloodline

4.) Mary Magdalene, (according to the Davinci Code) has a special and divine womb, which they call “The Holy Grail.This is because they falsely claim that the “The holy Jesus copulated there. In the Cult of the Rosicrucians, this means that every person who descended from that union, has special powers (like Jesus). 

So what is the connection, you may be asking? As I have already stated before, Trump’s family believe they are directly descended from Jesus & Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene & Mary MacLeod both have the initials of MM. It is has been intimated that Trump’s mother is like Mary Magdalene, and his father, Fred Christ Trump was like Christ himself. According to the Illuminati, together, Trump's parents formed the perfect specimen from the ultimate royal bloodline, having royal blood on both sides of the family.

Megamind Trades Places with Metro Man

All his life, Megamind is the underdog, (like Satan), but he wishes he could be like Metro Man, because he is handsome, popular, talented, strong, and famous. After Metro Man retires, he hands over his role as the “Ruler of the Worldto Megamind, who is more than happy to step into that role. It’s as if the movie creators are trying to tell us that the real Messiah will retire, and hand over his role to Satan himself. 

Trump Tries to Trades Places with Jesus, Super Man & Elvis

It is not a coincidence that Trump has began publishing and selling  NFT Trading Cards online, and he is making a profit on them. President Trump has famously bragged at his rally in Tupelo Mississippi (where Elvis was born) that he used to be told he resembles Elvis when he was younger. 

The story was published in People Magazine in November of 2018. However, as you can see, the only real similarity between Trump & Elvis, is they both were instrumental in convincing Americans to take a poisonous vaccine. There is another reason why I believe Trump compares himself to Elvis Presley, and its the fact that he and Elvis both had Scottish Jewish mothers!

On more than one occasion, Trump has made blasphemous statements, comparing himself to “Jesus, the Messiah, the Chosen One, and the Second Coming of god!” 

To see all the evidence, go to this blog: Fourteen Biblical Identifiers of the Little Horn

The way is now being paved for even the Liberal Democrats (who once hated Trump), to begin to finally appreciate him, and beg him to come back. This was all created by design, to bring both Democrats & Republicans into SYNTHESIS! 

At the end of the movie, Megamind uses the phrase “We Have it All!”
This is a popular phrase used by Trump & The QAnon Cult, referring to Having all the evidence against the Cabal.” What is most telling about this movie, is that throughout his life, Megamind, longs to be popular the way Metro Man is loved by all. Megamind plots to destroy Metro Man, but he fails to do so. In the end, Metro Man & Megamind are on the same team, as Metro Man, relinquishes his power and authority to Megamind. 

Its as if they are trying to tell us that even Metro Man (who is supposedly the real Messiah), will give his power and strength to Megamind (the False Messiah), and will worship the beast. This is the classic narrative of the Hegelian Dialectic: CONFLICT-SOLUTION-SYNTHESIS. It is when they present to the public:

Good versus Evil. 
Light versus Dark. 
Republican versus Democrat. 
Catholic versus Protestant. 
Jew versus Gentile. 
White versus Black. 
Messiah versus Satan/Lucifer.
Yin versus Yang. 
Conservatives versus Liberals.
Communism versus Nazism.

In the end, their goal is to blend the two together, to present to us “THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF BOTH GOOD & EVIL” as the SYNTHESIS! 

In other words, the serpent, transforms himself as the Messiah, just as Megamind transforms himself as the Hero & World Ruler!

Interestingly, the name “Donald” means “World Ruler!”

Scottish Gaelic name Dòmhnall meaning “ruler of the world,” composed of the Old Irish elements domun “world” and fal “rule.”

To learn more about how Donald Trump fits into the end-times beast scenario, please see this blog: Blogs About Trump

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