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Why a 364-Day Calendar is not Biblical

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August 2002-2023

As we approach our Messiah’s second coming to earth, many are desperately trying to decipher the times and the seasons of his arrival. One of the anomalies of trying to correct our 
broken clock, or calendar, is that most do not realize that it cannot be fixed, unless YaHuWaH, our creator intervenes. 

There is no human method of calculating the days, months, and years that will result in a precise calendar. As a matter of fact, trying to fix the calendar to a 364-day year is an exercise in futility, because a biblical year is 360 days, not 364 days. This is fitting, since Elohiym created all things geometrically perfect, and a circle is 360 degrees! 

During the silent years between the book of Malachi, and the gospel of Matthew, there was much corruption that ensued among the Temple priesthood, and this is one of the main reasons why our Messiah came to earth. 

In an effort to try and synchronize” the calendar, so that every seven days fits evenly into one year, the Essenes (who penned the Book of Jubilees), attempted to create a 364-day calendar. This certainly does seem to rectify this problem, because 364 days divided by 7 = exactly 52 weeks.

However, this calendar eliminates the need for consulting two or three witnesses” as revealed in Genesis 1:14-16. We are shown that the sun, the moon, and the stars function synergistically” as a cosmic clock, enabling us to determine the mowediym (times and seasons). 

The problem with the 364-day calendar (as seen in the Book of Jubilees), is that it is relies primarily on the annual solar cycle, and then it uses a full moon as the new moon. The idea of the full moon as the new moon, comes from a misunderstanding of Psalm 81:3. To learn more about this, see my other blog: What Constitutes a Biblical New Moon?

The Torah explicitly commands us to observe the first sliver of the new moon each month, and in particular, the new moon of the Abib (Deuteronomy 16:1).

The patriarch Yahuwseph (Joseph) had a dream that the sun, moon & stars bowed down to him (Genesis 37:9). And since Yahuwseph (Joseph) is a prophetic “type and shadow” of our Messiah, we can see that these three heavenly witnesses, (sun, moon & stars) testify of our Messiah, and his return! 

YaHuWaH is about to TURN THE EARTH UPSIDE DOWN, causing the DAYS TO BE SHORTENED, just as in the Days of Noah!

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 24:1 Behold, YHWH makes the earth empty, and makes it waste, and TURNS IT UPSIDE DOWN, and scatters abroad the inhabitants thereof. 

After the events of the flood in Noahs day, there was a major pole shift that caused Earth’s annual orbit of the sun, to take a bit more than 365 days. This is resulted in a need for a leap year with 366 days every four years in order to “catch up.” The so-called Enoch Calendar(which was transcribed in 100 B.C, and has nothing to do with the patriarch Enoch) is an attempt to reconcile this.

But the so-called Enoch Calendarviolates the Torah command to WATCH NARROWLY FOR THE NEW MOON OF THE ABIB” (Deuteronomy 16:1). 

*Disclaimer: the Hebrew word for “moon” is “yareach,” but the word for “a renewed month/moon” (the lunar cycle itself) is “chodesh.” 

Tehilliym (Psalm) 89:37 It shall be established forever as THE MOON (YAREACH), and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah. 

 Tehilliym (Psalm) 104:19 He APPOINTED THE MOON (YAREACH), FOR SEASONS (MOWEDIYM): the sun knows his going down. 

In English we have the word for the “moon” itself, and we have a word for the “lunar cycle” or the “new month.” In the days of Noah, the Ark rested upon the waters for 150 days (5 months of 30 days each). See Genesis 7:24 & 8:3. 

However, just before the ministry of the Two Witnesses begins, “THE DAYS WILL BE SHORTENED,” because Earth’s poles will once again shift, so that it will only take 360 days for the earth to make a full revolution around the sun! To learn more, see my other blog: Except Those Days Should Be Shortened

See these YouTube videos explaining what happens when the earths poles are shifting: 

*Disclaimer: I do not adhere to the notion that the earth is millions of years old, as some of these videos are purporting. I adhere to a 6,000-year old earth, according to the Creation Account in Genesis.

In Revelation 11:4, the ministry of the Two Witnesses will last for 1,260 days, which when divided by 3.5 years is exactly 360 days per year, and this means that each lunar cycle (month) will once again be exactly 30 days long, instead of the current 29.53059 days. However, you might be asking “If the lunar cycles will be slightly longer, how will that result in the days being shorter?” 

Because the “Enoch Calendar relies solely on the revolution of the earth around the sun, which takes approximately 365.25 days. This has been the case, ever since the flood in the days of Noah. Prior to the flood, the earth took only 360 days to make a full revolution around the sun. This means that a solar year will become 5.25 days shorter, once the “Great Tribulation” begins! 

This is because the sun, and the moon will be more in synch with each other, resulting in precise lunar cycles of 30 days, but shorter years of only 360, rather than 365.25 days. Therefore, any attempt to rectify this artificially with a 364-day calendar, changes nothing. Ultimately, this Enoch Calendar will cause each year to be 4-days too long, and thus, the days cannot be shortened as prophesied.

In Revelation 11:3, we are told that the Two Witnesses will have a ministry that lasts for 1,260 days. When these days are divided evenly by 30 days, the math reveals exactly 3.5 years. This is also the same length of time, during which “The beast, shall speak blasphemies forty two months (Revelation 13:5). 42 months of 30 days equals exactly 1,260 days, or 3.5 years!

This means that we are going back to The days of Noahjust as our Messiah prophesied in Luke 17:26, when the days will once again become SHORTER! (Matthew 24:22; Mark 13:20). This is taking place right now, as there have been many reports since CERN activated their particle collider on July 5th, 2022, that Earth’s poles are shifting rapidly! 

Isaiah 24:1 tells us that there will be a POLE SHIFT, just like when a woman is about to give birth, the baby in the womb turns upside down, and prepares to come through the birth canal! 

Scripture describes this phenomenon, in Isaiah 66:7-24, and in Matthew 24:8, and Mark 13:8, as the earth is described as a pregnant woman going through labor pains.

Therefore, nobody that can fix the calendar, except for YaHuWaH. Back in 2011, as I prayed, and asked YaHuWaH to show me if the Lunar Sabbath reckoning is correct, he showed me that the lowest common denominator that we can fit seven days evenly into is a even-year sabbatical, called shemitta.This means that we cannot fit seven days evenly into a 30-day month, and neither can we fit seven days evenly into 360-day year. This means that every seven years, we are keeping 2,520 days, and when divided by seven, it means that we are keeping 360 Sabbaths!

However, those who adhere to a Lunar Sabbathreckoning, are only keeping 336 Sabbaths within a seven-year sabbatical, and thus, they are missing 24 Sabbaths every seven years! To learn more, see my other blog: The Lunar Sabbath Controversy

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