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The Name & Number of the Beast Revealed in Computer ASCII Code

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August 2002-2023 

Revelation 13:18 commands us to “count” the number of the beast. The Greek word for “count” is “psephizo,” which means “TO COMPUTE!” Pictured here is what an Artificial Intelligence program generated when entering the word “Antichrist!” 

This image was generated by an A.I. when placing the term “Antichrist!” As you can see, it looks eerily similar to President Donald Trump! To learn more, see my other blog entitled: Blogs about Trump

At, I was able to find many names and terms with Trump’s & Biden’s name adding up to 666 in Computer ASCII Code, as well as Roman Gematria. 

Why Roman? Because the Illuminati (the Jesuits of Rome) are still conquering nations for the office of the Papacy. 

In Revelation 13:14, the phrase “In the sight of the beast,” means the same thing as the word “president,” which means “To sit in front of, or instead of.” 

In other words, the office of a United States President is “The Front Man” for the office of the Papacy! 

Thus, the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13:11, sits in proxy of the 1st Beast of Revelation 13:1! 

Trump & Biden are like the evil twins, working in tandem to bring about the “Hegelian Dialectic,” the Black & White coming together in the “Yin & Yang” of Luciferian Principles. 

Scripture warns us that there is more than ONE Antichrist leader, and “Many False Messiahs,” are right now on the world stage, playing their part (See Matthew 24:24 and 1st John 2:18). 

Prince Charles of Wales adds up to 666, but King Charles the 3rd does not bring a result for 666. Neither does King Charles of Wales. 

King Charles will probably serve as one of the “ten kings” who will rule for “one hour with the beast” (Revelation 17:12). However, Charles does not fit the biblical markers of “The Little Horn” of Daniel, for he is not a military strategist like Alexander the Great or Trump. 

Barack Obama’s name does not add up to 666 in any way, shape or form. His real name, Barry Soetoro does not bring a match for 666 either. 

Neither does President Barack Hussein Obama, President Obama, or Barack Hussein Obama. 

President Donald Trump = 666. 
Trump is Antichrist = 666. 
Trump is Satan = 666. 
Trump is Devil = 666. 
Trump is Reptile = 666. 
Trump is Serpent = 666. 
Trump is Heylel = 666. 
Trump is Haman = 666. 
Trump is Assyrian = 666. 
Trump is Nimrod = 666. 
Trump is Nero = 666. 
Trump is He Goat = 666. 
Trump is Nebuchadnezzar = 666. 
Trump is Damien = 666. 
Trump Shadow President = 666. 
Trump Pence Antichrist = 666. 
Trump from Hell = 666. 
Trump is Judas = 666. 
Trump is Pope = 666. 
Trump is Roman = 666. 
Trump Tyrant = 666. 
Trump is Poseidon = 666. 
Trump is Clone = 666. 
Trump Prince Grecia = 666. 
Trump is Solomon = 666. 
Trump is Unicorn = 666. 
Trump is Hercules = 666. 
Trump is Arrogant = 666. 
Trump is Prideful = 666. 
Trump is Baal = 666. 
Trump is AI = 666. 
Trump is Tyrus = 666. 
Trump is Tammuz = 666.
Trump Third Temple = 666.
Trump Asbury Revival = 666.
Donald Trump Asbury = 666.
Trump is Elvis = 666.
Trump is Pharaoh = 666.
Trump is Phoenix = 666.
Don Drumpf (his former last name in Germany) = 666. 

Biden & Trump, are two sides of the Hegelian Dialectic: 

Trump and Biden = 666. 
Biden Front Man = 666. 
Biden Trump Antichrist = 666. 
Biden Trump Clones = 666. 
Biden is Clone = 666. 

Below, are a few more actors on the world stage that are Anti-Messiah (Antichrist): 

William Henry Gates = 666. 
Dr Anthony Fauci = 666. 
Elon Reeve Musk = 666. 
Prince Charles of Wales = 666. 
Kissinger = 666. 
Historical Antichrist Leaders: 
Prince of Tyre = 666. 
Alexander the Great = 666. 

John Paul II’s name in Latin (Iaonnes Pavlvs Secvndo) = 666.
Summus Pontifex Maximus (Official Title of a Pope) = 666. 
Vicarius Filii Dei (Official Title of a Pope) = 666. 
Harvey Francis Barnard (Author of Draining the Swamp) = 666.
Hillary Diane Clinton = 666. 
Jorge Mario (first and middle name of Pope Francis) = 666.
Bergoglio (last name of Pope Francis) = 666. 
Walter Elias Disney = 666. 
CS Lewis = 666. 

To learn more about the deception behind C.S. Lewis, see this website:

Terms adding up to 666: 

Vaccination = 666. 
Hydroxychloroquine = 666. 
Mark of Beast = 666. 
Pizzagate = 666. 
Antifa = 666. 
GESARA = 666. 
Noahide Laws = 666. 
Monsanto = 666. 
Bethel Church Redding = 666. 
Asbury Revival Trump = 666.

Trump & King Charles are both Anti-messiahs. But there is only one “Little Horn,” and that person is Donald Trump.

The name “Donald” means “World Ruler.” 

The name “Charles” means “Free man.” 

The name “Trump” means “horn.” Therefore, Donald Trump is “The World Ruler, Little Horn!” 

Donald Trump is a repeat of Alexander the Great, in that he subdued three kings (nations) with the Abraham Accords (Israel, Bahrain & United Arab Emirates). See Daniel 7:24. 

Donald Trump is a repeat of Alexander the Great (The He Goat), in that he is a military strategist, who will “Come from the west,” and will destroy the Ram (Media & Persia) aka Iraq & Iran. See Daniel 8:3-11. 

Donald Trump is also a repeat of Nimrod, who was a builder of Towers. Trump is slated to be like King Solomon, who built the Temple in Jerusalem, and he also collected 666 talents of gold per year. Everything Trump builds is covered in gold (see Daniel 11:38).

Trump also embodies Nero Caesar (a ruthless, angry monster), who will attack anyone who comes against him. 

Trump also embodies Nebuchadnezzar who demanded that people worship his golden image under penalty of death. 

In Daniel 8:9, we are shown this leader who rises (Alexander the Great), as a mighty western Grecian king, who would make his nation “very great.” (Daniel 8:9). 

He would also conquer the Middle East (the Abraham Accords). The prophecy states of itself that it will again serve “At the time of the end,” to identify a “King of the west,” with the disposition of a “he goat,” that no nation will be able to withstand, as he makes his nation “very great,” prior to an unthinkable event that will occur that causes four nations to vie as superpowers in the “In the latter times of their kingdom.” 

This person, is none other than the one who will arise that Daniel identifies as “The little horn.” The prophet Daniel is famous for interpreting “The handwriting on the wall” in Babylon (called Iraq today), which a prophetic vision he had for “An appointed time, in the time of the end.” 

Daniel the prophet had his vision in front of a river in Iraq. His dual-purposed vision points out that in the end times a “strong leader of the west,” with the character of a Billy goat will be known for his stubborn personality. 

The prophet wrote that this king of the west will be called a “he goat,” and he will be moved with “choler.” Webster’s dictionary defines choler as “a ready disposition to irritation; marked by a hot temper and easily provoked to anger.” 

Oxford dictionary defines being moved with “choler” as “a peevish temperament easily provoked to anger.” Daniel forecasted that “At the time of the end,” this “KING OF THE WEST” will “be moved with choler,” as his anger is stirred against Persia, called Iran since 1936 (Daniel 8:5). 

The first portion of Daniel 8 is in parable form describing the western leader launching an air attack as a “The he goat” whose “feet touched not the ground,” as it tackles a “ram having two horns.” 

Later, in the chapter Daniel’s parable reveals the “two horns” as the kings of Media and Persia/Iran. Daniel prophesied that “at the time of the end” a king of the west will trample the leaders of Iraq and Iran into the dust. 

On September 11, 2001, a king of the west was caught reading a children’s book “My Pet Goat” to school children in Florida, when his nation was air attacked. 

Later, this western leader, (President George W. Bush) under his motto “Stay the course” initiated an unprovoked attack on Iraq in a war called “Iraqi Freedom” leading to its dictator (i.e. king according to Daniel). Saddam Hussein being toppled in death in 2003. 

This was the first stage of Daniel’s prophecy. Since Trump’s presidency, until now, this war still endures, because Daniel predicted that the West’s attack near the territory of Media (conquered by Alexander) must also topple Persia’s\Iran’s leader. 

However, when this “he goat” leader from the west defeats Persia (Iran), Daniel writes that his nation will become “very great” after this king of the west destroys this second king being Iran’s leader (Daniel 8:8). 

Donald, meaning “world ruler” is Trump as “The king of the west” in these end times, as he will be established as a “type” of Alexander the Great, a stubborn goat who has already begun to “Subdue three kings” and “Shall destroy many by peace” (Daniel 8:25). 

Trump is also the one who is credited with “causing” the people of the world to receive a mark on the right-hand side of their brain, which has the same numeric value as his name (666). See Revelation 13:18. 

This technology called “Fun-Vaxx” (adopted in 2005 by the DOD), sends a chip to the “right-hand side” of the “frontal lobe” of the brain (behind the forehead) as a tracking device. 

President Donald Trump = 666. 
Vaccination = 666. 
Mark of Beast = 666.

President Trump displays some of the same characteristics as Nimrod, the first historical Antichrist. Nimrod was the builder of the Tower of Babel, in the same way that Donald Trump built “Trump Tower.” Nimrod first appears in Genesis chapter 10, and he is described as a “mighty hunter.” 

The Hebrew Strong’s Concordance defines the name “Nimrod” as #H5248 meaning “Rebellious or Valiant.” The Dictionary defines the word valiant as “Boldly courageous, brave; stout-hearted; a valiant soldier; marked by showing bravery or valor; heroic; to make a valiant effort; worthy, excellent.” 

Isn’t this the way that most Conservatives see President Trump? This goes right along with the idea of Nimrod being a mighty hunter. It is rumored that President Trump has been hunting down the wicked Pedophile Rings, child-traffickers, and the Cabal. 

To those in the occult world, taking down the Cabal and the Federal Reserve is necessary in order to transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. 

The Hebrew word for “hunter” is “tsayid” which literally means “the game, the chase.” 

The word “game” comes from the same Latin root as “gamble” as in Gambling Casino! 

Interestingly, the new Trump Tower in Uruguay began construction in 2017, and it has a very similar shape to the Tower of Babel! 

The prophet Isaiah calls Nimrod “The Assyrian,” because one of the Ten Provinces in the Land of Shinar (where he ruled) was called “Asshur” from where we derive “Assyria” or “Assyrians.”

Interestingly, the root word for “Asshur” means “To be successful, to stand up straight, and proud.” Can you think of another political leader today who is a builder of a Tower? 

Can you think of another political leader today who knows how to “Play the game?” 

Somebody who wrote the book “The Art of the Deal” perhaps?

Somebody who loves the challenge of a “chase?” 

Can you think of a political leader today who is a “Successful Real Estate Mogul?” Does this ring a bell, anyone?

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