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Will “Orange Man” Wear the Orange Jumpsuit?

By Maria Merola

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This blog started out as a post I made on Facebook on December 19th, 2022. Things have been looking pretty bleak for President Trump as of late, as we have been hearing reports in the news about him being indicted and going to jail for possibly up to 25 years for inciting riots at the Capitol Dome on January 6th 2021. Additionally, his Trump Corporation has been charged with 17 counts of Tax Fraud since December 6th 2022. As of December 29th, 2022, the January 6th Committee withdrew the Trump subpoena, and concludes the investigation: January 6th Committee Withdraws Trump Subpoena As Investigation Is Concluded!

However, Trump is still not out of the woods. The criminal charges keep on piling up, but will these charges stick, and will he serve time in prison? 

In this blog, you will discover Predictive Programming, from the 2010 film entitled “Megamind,” revealing the secret Illuminati plot to catapult Donald Trump to power, by first making him “An underdog, and a persecuted Messiah!” 

To listen to this teaching on video, see these other platforms: 

In the Megamind film, Megamind injects HAL (using a giant syringe) with the divine DNA of Metro-Man. Megamind then tells Hal “I am your Father, I am your Space-Dad.” The 2010 film, shows Megamind escapeing from jail using what is called a “Holo-watch” (short for Hologram watch). This watch enables Megamind to scan an image of any person, and then project that image onto himself as a means of disguise. After Megamind escapes from prison (by disguising himself as the Warden), he formulates a plan to create a “NEW SUPER-HERO” using the DNA of Metro-Man! 

Just like a carefully planned script, Trump announced in April of 2021, that he is “The Father of the Vaccine,” just like Megamind! 
After Hal is changed into a super-hero, he makes a huge mess of Metro City, and starts destroying everything (just like Biden is doing right now to America). This leads to Megamind becoming wildly popular with the people of Metro City, as they beg him to return to office. Once he returns back to the Oval Office, he is more popular with the people than ever before! 

In Revelation 13:14, the beast is “healed” from a “DEADLY WOUND BY A SWORD,” but he lives again. The Greek word for “sword” in the above passage is “machaira,” which means “JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT!” 

Will Trump’s Political Career “SUFFER A DEADLY WOUND,” and then be healed? 

On December 16th 2022, Trump released Digital NFT Trading Cards with himself looking like a SUPER-HERO, as he announced that “The world needs a super-hero right now!”

In the Megamind film, Metro-Man walks on water (like Messiah), but he resembles Elvis Presley. Metro-Man also fakes his own death in the film, because he wants to retire as a super-hero, but he later comes out of hiding and supports Megamind as the new super-hero. It has been alleged that Elvis Presley faked his death in 1970 as well. 

Trump has also bragged at Political Rallies in Tupelo Mississippi, that people have told him he looked like Elvis Presley when he was young. I believe this could be a cryptic message (because Trump is said to speak in code). Was he alluding to the idea that there are plans for Trump to fake his own death (via an assassination)? 

Will he be “resurrected” as a clone possessed by Satan himself? Will this be a fulfillment of “The Image of the Beast,” (Revelation 13:15), who will be given life, and will be made to speak? 

If you think you know everything there is to know about the Trump Indictment, you must read this blog, and watch the video for more Predictive Programming: 

Below is another blog that you should read, to get a better understanding of the occult rituals that took place at the Capitol Dome, on January 6, 2012: The Mystery Behind the Insurrection at the Capitol Dome.

The video can also be found at the following platforms:

In this teaching, I explain the occult rituals that were taking place on January 6th 2021, and that the entire thing was carefully orchestrated to summon the Spirit of Apollyon from Revelation 9:11. In Daniel 7 & 8, as well as chapter 11, I believe Trump fulfills “The Little Horn,as well as  The King of the North,” who is described as someone who will “Honor the god of forces in his estate.” 

Trump’s first wife, (Ivana) wrote in her memoirs that Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his night stand, which he read before bed. In his book entitled “Mein Kampf,” which means “My Struggle,” Hitler wrote in his book about his time in jail for “Insurrection!” 

This is eerily similar to what is taking place with Trump right now, because Trump is being threatened with going to jail for the January 6th “Insurrection!”

It’s becoming increasingly more obvious that the Global Elites, (men like Klaus Shwab, founder of the World Economic Forum), are slowly rolling out a New Nazi Germany in America, and Trump is obviously slated to become another Hitler. 

See the full story at the History Channel website about Hitler’s Insurrection, and subsequent rise to power: Hitler sentenced for his role in Beer Hall Putsch 

Back when Trump first became President, all the Liberals were comparing him to Hitler over his border security policies, and I was in disagreement with the Liberals about this, (and I am still am). 

But since that time (especially after the 2020 Scamdemic), Trump has displayed himself in other ways as a tyrant and a dictator, and it’s not because of his Immigration policies. To learn more about the secret plans the Illuminati have chosen Donald Trump for, see my blog entitled: What Did “Back to the Future” Tell Us About Donald Trump?

Pictured below is a comparison between a Freemasonic Temple, with the Trump Tower Livingroom in Manhattan. You will notice that there is a painting of Apollo on the ceiling, as well as the double pillars of Freemasonry. 

To learn more about how Trump designed his Trump Tower with Scottish Rite Freemasonry in mind, see this video: Is Trump a Freemason? Trump Tower 666 - Temple of Baal

Trump’s family believe they are descended from the alleged union between “Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene.” This narrative is part of the Cult of the Rosicruciana who believe that the womb of Mary Magdalene is “The Holy Grail.” This is carefully explained in the film entitled “The Davinci Code,” starring Tom Hanks. 

At these links, are additional resources revealing Donald Trump’s Royal Bloodline:

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