Saturday, August 13, 2022

Blogs About Biblical Time-Keeping

By Maria Merola
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August, 2022

When Does a Biblical “Day” Begin?

What Constitutes a Biblical New Moon?

Times, Seasons & the Thief in the Night: When is the Real New Year?

Three Days & Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth: The Good Friday Myth

The Sabbath Resurrection: “I Will Raise Him Up at the Last Day.”

Why Does YaHuWaH Establish His Covenants in the Evening?

The Sabbath is Made for Man

Did Messiah Eat the Passover Before He Died?

When Was the Real Messiah Born & Why Does it Matter?

The Feast of Trumpets: “The Day That No Man Knows!”

The Lunar Sabbath Controversy 

The Jubilee Cycles Reveal the Possible Second Coming of Messiah

Why a 364-Day Calendar is not Biblical:

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