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Messiah’s 7-Year Ministry Divided in Half

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August 2007

One of the most profound revelations ever given to me was concerning Daniels 70th Week. Following the events of 9/11/2001, I had been seeking Yah about end-times prophecy, and I wanted to understand the timing of his second coming. It was during the following year, (in 2002), that I had eight prophetic dreams that would radically shift my paradigm. 

One of the things that baffled me, is that there was an obvious pattern with Jacob serving Laban for two periods of seven years (back-to-back), to pay for his two wives (Leah & Rachel). Then, there was Jacobs son, (Joseph) who served Pharaoh in Egypt for two sets of seven years (back-to-back). So, naturally, the nagging question I had was “Why didn’t Messiah serve two periods of seven years, just like Jacob & Joseph?

had been taught by Christian theologians for years that the period known as The Great Tribulationis going to last for seven years. However, as I was writing out one of my dreams the Ruwach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) spoke to me and said Where does Scripture say there will be seven-year tribulation? 

That got my attention, so I went to Bible Gateway online, and did a keyword search for seven years and tribulation in the King James Version. After scouring all the Scriptures I could find containing the words seven years, I was unable to find anything in Scripture to support a seven years tribulation, leading up to the second coming of Messiah. 

However, I was able to find many passages of Scripture to support that the tribulation will last for A time, times, and a half times,  (Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:14) or One thousand, three hundred and ninety days, (Daniel 12:11) or Forty-Two Weeks (Revelation 13:5). 

Revelation 11:4 tells us that this period is going to last for One thousand, two hundred and sixty days,as opposed to the 1290 days spoken of in Daniel 12:11. I believe this 30-day discrepancy has to do with a cataclysmic event that will cause the tribulation period to be shortened, as per Matthew 24:22. To learn more about this phenomenon, see my other blog: Except Those Days Should Be Shortened

Most people are caught between two paradigms: 

1.) Our Messiah completed the last 7 years of the 490-years of Daniel's prophecy, with no further prophecy needing to be fulfilled in the future for Yisrael and Jerusalem. 

2.) Our Messiah completed none of the 7 years of the 490-years of Daniel's prophecy, leaving 7 years for the Great Tribulation in the future). 

But what if I told you that neither of the above paradigms is correct?

What if I told you that the answer LIES SQUARELY IN THE MIDDLE, as is often the case? 


He died in the middle of the literal week (Passover Week), on what we would today call Wednesday, the 4th day of the week. 

He died also in the middle of the 7,000 years, in the 4th Millennium. 

He also died in the middle of the last 7 years of the 490-year prophecy, with a ministry that lasted 3.5 years. 

Proof of his 3.5 year ministry can be found in Luke 4:25, where our Messiah began his ministry on Yom Kippur in 27 A.D., immediately following his 40-day fast in the wilderness. To learn how I arrived at 27 A.D. for the beginning of our Messiah's ministry, see this blog: The Jubilee Cycles Reveal the Possible Second Coming of Messiah

After his 40-day fast (leading up to Yom Kippur), Yahuwshuwa went to the Synagogue, and read ONLY HALF of Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 61:2, when he declared that he was beginning his ministry IN A JUBILEE YEAR! 

He only read this half of this verse:

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 61:2 To proclaim the acceptable year of YHWH... 

And then, he CLOSED THE SCROLL, and gave it back to the Temple Scribe! 

Why did he only read HALF OF THE VERSE??? 

It is because THE LATTER HALF OF THE VERSE IS RESERVED FOR ANOTHER FUTURE YOM KIPPUR, when he comes to TAKE VENGEANCE on his enemies, and the enemies of his bride!

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 61:2.... and the day of vengeance of our Elohiym; to comfort all that mourn. 

The LATTER HALF of this verse is describing his SECOND COMING in Revelation 19! 

Verse 2 even uses the word AVENGE which is a verb describing him TAKING VENGEANCE!

Not only does our Messiah reading HALF of Isaiah 61:2 prove that he was DIVIDING DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK IN HALF, but he also compared his ministry to that of the prophet Eliyahuw (Elijah), when he stated that Elijahs ministry was 3.5 years! 

Luqas (Luke) 4:25 But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Yisrael in the days of Eliyahuw (Elijah), when the heaven was shut up THREE YEARS and SIX MONTHS, when great famine was throughout all the land.

Why would our Messiah make a point of telling us that the prophet Eliyahuws ministry lasted for 3.5 years--HALF OF SEVEN YEARS, right after he read HALF OF ISAIAH 61:2? 

On August 13th 2020, the Abraham Accords were agreed upon and announced by President Donald Trump. But (contrary to popular belief), this was not the “The covenant with many,” that is described in Daniel 9:27. 

As a matter of fact, President Trump was fulfilling the role of “The Little Horn,” in Daniel chapters 7 & 8. Therefore, the Abraham Accords are NOT the same thing as what is spoken of in Daniel 9:27. 

What took place with the Abraham Accords is a fulfilment of Isaiah 28:15-18, called “The Covenant with Death!” To learn more, see this blog entitled: The Four Notable Horns of Daniel


However, he will REPAIR THE BREACH, AND STAND IN THE GAP for both Houses of Yisrael, by completing the WEEK through his TWO WITNESSES! 

Our Messiah's ministry was 3.5 years, and the Two Witnesses will also have a ministry of 3.5 years! 

These two halves of the week represent a broken covenant, and DIVIDED YISRAEL! 

The number seven in Hebrew (sheba) literally means “To take an oath by repeating seven times; to make a covenant by sprinkling with blood seven times!

There has been a 2,000-year gap between these two periods of 3.5 years called The Fullness of the Gentiles, (Romans 11:25) wherein the Gentiles have been provoking Yisrael to jealousy! 

Because Yisrael has broken their covenant with YaHuWaH, they have been DIVIDED INTO TWO HOUSES! 

Therefore, Yahuwshuwa allowed his ministry, to be DIVIDED IN HALF in order to STAND IN THE GAP (Ezekiel 22:30, Matthew 27:38, Mark 15:27), and thereby REPAIR THE BREACH, (2nd Kings 22:5, Isaiah 58:12) of the DIVIDED HOUSE! See Matthew 12:25, Mark 3:25, Luke 11:17, 12:52).

To learn more, see these two blogs:

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