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Are You a Branch from the Vine or a Christian?

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, August 2004-2022

To give you a little bit of history, the title “Christian” existed 1,000 years before our Messiah came to earth. 

The Greek word “Christianos” means “A follower of Christos.” 

What is a “Christos?” 

The Greeks referred to all their pagan deities as “Christos.” 

False gods such as: Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Mercury, etc., these were all called “Christos!” 

Therefore, be “A follower of Christos” simply meant that you followed “A Greek deity” of some kind. 

The Hebrew word is “Mashiyach” (Messiah), and it means “to smear or rub with oil, to anoint.” 

The anointed one that was prophesied to come in the Hebrew TaNaKh (Old Testament) is more specific, and this is why those of us who have left The Mother Harlot Church system, (as Revelation 18:4 commands), no longer go by the title “Christian.” 

We recognize that as a “whole,” Christianity has rejected the Mosaic Law (Towrah), as they wrongly teach that our Messiah nailed his own commandments “To the cross.” 

This is due to a misunderstanding of Colossians chapter 2. See my blog explaining what was nailed to the cross. What Was Blotted Out in Colossians 2?

The disciples did not refer to themselves as “Christians.” It was those who lived in Antioch Syria that first came up with the nick-name “Christian” (see Acts 11:26). The disciples called themselves “Nazarenes,” which is an English translation for “Natzariym” (branches). 

Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 2:23 And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Natzariym (Nazarene)

Acts 24:5 For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Natzariym (Nazarene) 

Do you remember when our Messiah said that we are his BRANCHES? In the TaNaKh (Old Testament), the Messiah is referred to as “THE BRANCH” (Jeremiah 23:5, Jeremiah 33:15, Zechariah 6:12). 

Therefore, if he is the VINE,(the main trunk of the tree), and we are his BRANCHES, we are “Natzariym!

Yahuwshuwa ha’Mashiyach is referred to as “THE RIGHTEOUS BRANCH” in prophecy.

Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 23:5 Behold, the days come, says YHWH, that I will raise unto Dawiyd (David), A RIGHTEOUS BRANCH, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. 

Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 33:15 In those days, and at that time, will I cause THE BRANCH OF RIGHTEOUSNESS to grow up unto Dawiyd (David); and he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land. 

Zecharyahuw (Zechariah) 6:12 And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaks YHWH of hosts, saying, Behold THE MAN WHOSE NAME IS THE BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of YHWH.

The Greek translation of the New Testament uses the word “Nazarene,” which comes from the Hebrew word “natsar” (singular) or “natsariym” (plural). See the root words below from the Hebrew Concordance.

#H5342 netser nay’-tser from 5341 in the sense of greenness as a striking color; a shoot; figuratively, a descendant:--branch

#H5341 natsar naw-tsar’ a primitive root; to guard, in a good sense (to protect, maintain, obey, etc.) or a bad one (to conceal, etc.):-- besieged, hidden thing, keep(-er, -ing), monument, observe, preserve, watchman.

The Apostle Shaul (Paul) called himself all three things, even though, he was from the Tribe of Benjamin: 

1.) A Hebrew. 

2.) An Yisraelite. 

3.) A Yahuwdiy (Jew). 

He was also called a “Natsariym,” (Nazarene) as well, just like our Messiah. Many people confuse the “Tribe of Judah,” with the “Kingdom of Judah.” 

Queen Esther was also from the Tribe of Benjamin, but she was called a “Yahuwdiyah,” (a Jewess), because she was from the “KINGDOM,” of Yahuwdah (Judah). 

Many people confuse the “Tribe of Judah,” with the “Kingdom of Judah.” Queen Esther was also from the Tribe of Benjamin, but she was called a “Yahuwdiyah,” (a Jewess), because she was from the “KINGDOM,” of Yahuwdah (Judah). 

In 1st Kings chapter 12 (after King Solomon died), the Kingdom was divided into Two Kingdoms: 

1.) The Two Southern Tribes of Benjamin & Judah, ruled by King Rehoboam, (the son of King Solomon). 

2.) The Ten Northern Tribes of the Kingdom of Yisra’el (Ephrayim), which was ruled by King Jeroboam. 

So you see, any person from one of the Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom, could decide to return to the Kingdom of Yahuwdah (Judah), and they would still retain their original tribal identity, but they would also be a citizen of the Kingdom of Judah! 

Therefore, one could be from the Tribe of Rueben, and still be called a “Yahuwdiy,” (Jew), because they decided to join the “KINGDOM,” of Yahuwdah (Judah), not the “TRIBE” of Yahuwdah (Judah).

Shaul (Paul) called himself a “Hebrew,” and also “An Yisraelite,” from the tribe of Benjamin, and also a “Yahuwdiy” (Jew). 

Acts 22:3 I am verily a man which am a Yahuwdiy (Jew), born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, and taught according to the perfect manner of the Torah (law) of the fathers, and was zealous toward Elohiym, as you all are this day. 

Philippians 3:5 Circumcised the eighth day, OF THE STOCK OF YISRA’EL, OF THE TRIBE OF BENJAMIN, A HEBREW OF HEBREWS; as touching the Torah (law), a Pharisee; I am also all three things.

I too, identify as all four things:

1.) I am a “Hebrew,” because I “crossed-over,” like Abraham. 

2.) I am an “Yisraelite,because I “wrestled” with Elohiym (like Jacob), and I prevailed,aka “became an overcomer(Revelation 2 & 3). Therefore, a new name was given to me as “Arielle” (Revelation 3:10). 

3.) I am a “Yahuwdiy” (Jew), because my heart is circumcised, and I praise YaHuWaH (Romans 2:28-29; Genesis 29:35).

4.) I am a “Natzariym,” because “I am a branch from the vine” (John 15:5).

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