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Will There be Two Little Horns?

By Maria Merola אריאל 
© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, November 2021

In 2019, Newsweek printed an article about Donald Trump Jr. possibly running for president in 2024, and the likelihood of him winning would be very high. In Daniel’s prophecy, the term “Little Horn” in the Hebrew is “qeren ze`eyr,” meaning “Trump brought low,” or it can also mean “Little Trump,” or “Trump Junior!” 

After the 2020 Presidential Election, Trump was “brought low,” and became the scorn and laughingstock of many. 

*Note: you will notice the Freemason handshake that Trump, and his son Don Jr. are displaying. See the illustration below.

However, we read that this “Little Horn” becomes “GREAT AGAIN,” after suffering “A deadly wound” (Revelation 13:3-4). 

This could mean a literal wound via assassination, and a subsequent false resurrection. Or, it can mean his political deadly wound will be healed, merely by his coming back after his political career appeared to be dead. The following prophecy tells us that the first beast (Revelation 13:1-2) suffers a deadly wound by a sword, but continues to live:

Revelation 13:14 And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.  

Interestingly, the word “sword” in the above passage is the Greek word “machaira,” which can mean a literal sword, but it can also mean “judicial punishment!” 

This could be referring to Trumps indictments, which I believe are deliberately orchestrated by the Illuminati, to make him appear to be a “Washington Outsider” who is being persecuted by the “Deep State.” This gives the illusion that Trump is a persecuted Messiah, and a righteous martyr.

For years, there have been rumors circulating on social media that the Simpsons cartoon once hinted about DJT being assassinated. However, it was later discovered that the above image of Donald Trump in the casket was photoshopped by an independent source, not the Simpsons Television Production. 

In August 2023, Tucker Carlson made a very cryptic statement, as he  announced Were speeding toward a Trump assassination. 

The first beast in Revelation 13:1-2 was the Holy Roman Empire being revived under Hitlers Nazi Germany. The Papal Crown had been restored by Mussolini in 1929 with the signing of the Lateran Treaty, and this gave rise to World War II. However, America became the military superpower of the entire world in 1945 after World War II. See my other blog: The Little Horn Arises out of America

In Revelation 13:11, there is a second beast with two horns that arises, and this second beast has the power to “give life to an image of the “first beast, causing it to speak. Since 1945, America has been the first beast of Revelation 13:1-2, taking over after Hitlers Third Reich. The United States maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to small radar facilities. Britain, France and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined. Where in the World Is the U.S. Military?

I am going to paint a possible scenario. If Donald Trump Senior returns to the Oval Office, he will be the leader of the first beast, (having seven heads and ten horns). But during his Presidency, 
he could make America a “Church & State,just like Imperial Rome in the days of Constantine the Roman Emperor. I can see Trump adopting Roman Catholicism as the new “State Religion,for the United States (hence the two horns on the beast). 

I believe the deceased false prophet named “Kim Clement,was secretly working for the Illuminati, (and he was giving out secret intel from the Jesuits of Rome). This made him appear to be a true prophet whenever political events came to pass that he supposedly prophesied about.

He allegedly prophesied that Trump would serve a second Presidential term, and that he would convert to Roman Catholicism, and then lead the nation to become a Roman Catholic nation.

In 2016, Trump began making declarations that his mission is to defend Roman Catholicism and Judaism against religious persecution. On June 2, 2020, he signed an Executive Order called “Advancing International Religious Freedom,which makes it a crime (punishable by imprisonment and death) to speak out against any of the world religions, but especially Roman Catholicism!

It was the day after Trump signed this executive order (June 3, 2020) that he stood before a giant image of Pope John Paul II, and he dedicated a statue to him, even bowing to it and paying homage to the office of the papal beast.

The Second Beast in Revelation 13:11, has power to give life to the image (clone) of the first beast. The Greek word for “image” is “eikon,” which is an exact replica, or a facsimile. The closest thing to an exact copy of something is a clone, because a clone possesses the same genetic markers as the original!

I can also see Trump forming an alliance of Roman Catholicism with Judaism, as part of the One World Religion of Antichrist, which is what Pope Francis has already been working on. This would then give rise to legislation in our U.S. Congress for the Noahide Laws to become officially enforced.

The Seven Noahide Laws (which are outlined in the Jewish Talmud) are referred to as “The Rainbow Covenant.” The Talmud claims it is a sin for Gentiles to learn the Laws of Moses (Torah). 

The Noahide Laws falsely claim that YaHuWaH gave Noah Seven Commandments for Gentiles, but Ten Commandments are to be obeyed by Yahuwdiym (Jews). 

The Ban on the Divine Name by Nehemia Gordon

One of the maladies of modern Judaism is the strict prohibition against uttering the name of the Creator. The modern Rabbinic law code Mishnah Berurah explains: 

It is forbidden to read the glorious and terrible name as it is written, as the sages said “He that pronounces the name as it is written has no portion in the world to come.” Therefore it must be read as if it were written Adonai (Mishnah Berurah 5:2). 

This is hardly a modern innovation. It appears already in the early 3rd century CE in the Mishnah tractate of Sanhedrin:

“The following have no portion in the world to come: Abba Saul says: one who pronounces the divine name as it is written” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 10:1). 

What are the Noahide Laws? 

I want to illustrate why the False Messiah will decapitate those who call upon the true name of our Creator: 

Chazown (Revelation) 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Yahuwshuwa, and for the word of Elohiym, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Mashiyach (Messiah) a thousand years. 

The Noahide Laws are based purely upon man-made traditions of Judaism and not upon Scripture. Scripture is clear that the Towrah (Mosaic Law) is to be obeyed by both the “stranger” and the Yisraelite who is “natural-born.” 

Shemoth (Exodus) 12:49 One Towrah (law) shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourns among you. 

Wayyiqra (Leviticus) 24:22 You shall have one manner of Towrah (law), as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am YHWH Elohiym. 

Bemidbar (Numbers) 15:16 One Towrah (law) and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourns with you. 

The Noahide Laws are growing in popularity. They have even reached the U. S. Congress:

“The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah, and that these Laws have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization. They also acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that recent weakening of these principles threaten the fabric of civilized society, and that justified preoccupation in educating the Citizens of the U.S. of America and future generations is needed. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day.” 

Sadly, this is not just for the state of Yisra’el (Israel) or even the United States, but for the whole world: 

“This obligation, to teach all the peoples of the earth about the Laws of Noah, is incumbent upon every individual in every era” -- (Mishnah Torah, Law of Kings 8:10). 

“Gentiles May Not Be Taught the Torah. Inasmuch as the Jews had their own distinct jurisdiction, it would have been unwise to reveal their laws to the Gentiles, for such knowledge might have operated against the Jews in their opponents’ courts. Hence, the Talmud prohibited the teaching to a Gentile of the Torah, the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob (Deuteronomy 33:4).” 

R. Johanan says of one such teaching: “Such a person deserves death” (an idiom used to express indignation). “It is like placing an obstacle before the blind” (Sanhedrin. 59a; ‘ag. 13a). 

“A Gentile observing the Sabbath deserves death” (Sanhedrin 58b)...….All Gentiles found keeping the 7th day Sabbath shall be found guilty of breaking the Noahide Law and must be punished to the fullest… Decapitation….No gentile shall be permitted to speak (Ha’shem) the name of YHWH, all who have blasphemy and are found guilty of breaking the Noahide Law and shall be punished to the fullest... Decapitation.” 

Now stop and ponder this prophecy: 

Chazown (Revelation) 14:12 Here is the patience of the qodesh ones (saints) here are they that keep the Commandments of Eloah and testimony of Yahuwshuwa. 

According to Judaism, if a person believes in Messiah Yahuwshuwa, they are considered a Gentile and not recognized as a Yahuwdiy (Jew) as taught by the Apostle Sha’uwl (Paul) in Romans 2:26-29.

Therefore, to believe in the Messiah and to call upon the Heavenly Father’s name buys you a ticket to the guillotine! 

Revelation 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 

What if Donald Trump Senior is assassinated at some point during his reign, and then his son (Don Junior) steps in as the President? That would not only make him “Another little horn,” but also “The second beast,” who has power to give life to the image of the first beast.

Can you imagine Don Trump Junior making a cloned image of his father (Donald Trump), powered by Artificial Intelligence, and commanding everyone to worship the image? Adding to this wild speculation of mine, is the fact that the younger Donald Trump looks eerily similar to Nicolae Carpathia (who played the part of the Antichrist in the Left Behind Movies). Is it possible that the younger Donald Trump could return as a clone powered by A.I.?

There are two possibilities. Either Donald Trump Senior will return in 2024, or his son Donald Jr, could run, making him the second “Little Horn” in Daniel 8:8-9. 

Either way, it will not change a thing, because they both have the 666 moniker attached to their names in Roman Gematria, as well as Computer ASCII Code.

President Donald Trump = 666  
Trump Junior also = 666 

So if Junior makes it into office, it won’t change anything!

In Daniel 7:8 through Daniel 8:8, it is speaking about the same “Little Horn.” 

However, there could be “Another Little Horn” that arises, as described in Daniel 8:9, after the first “Little Horn” is broken (killed). 

What is interesting, is that in 2023, Don Jr. was 45 years of age, but by January 2025, he will be 47, since his date of birth is December 31, 1977. Adding up these two numbers (45 + 47) amounts to 9-11 as follows:

4 + 5 = 9 
4 + 7 = 11

The same thing will be true if Donald Trump Senior goes from being the 45th President to the 47th President. 

See these results at 

America is “The Little Horn” in Daniel 7, headed by Donald Trump Senior. 

Daniel 7:3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. 

Daniel 7:4 The first was like a lion, and had eagles wings: I beheld till THE WINGS THEREOF WERE PLUCKED, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it. 

*Explanation: the Lion is Great Britain, and America is the two eagle’s wings on this beast. After the revolutionary war, America’s two eagle’s wings were plucked away from the lion (Great Britain).

These two eagle’s wings were then made to stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. This is describing the “The Little Horn,” who many call “The Antichrist,” or “The Anti-Messiah.” 

Daniel 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. 

*Explanation: The bear is Russia, and the three ribs in it’s mouth are Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. These are still under the strong influence—if not domination—of Russia. 

Daniel 7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it. 

*Explanation: the leopard is Nazi Germany, under three previous reichs (kingdoms), and will continue again as the “Fourth Reich” in America. The term “Third Reich” was coined by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck in his 1923 book Das Dritte Reich. 

He defined the Holy Roman Empire (800–1806) as the “First Reich,” and the German Empire (1871–1918) as the “Second Reich,” while the “Third Reich” was an ideal state including all German peoples, including Austria. 

In the modern context, the term refers to Nazi Germany. It was used by the Nazis to legitimize their regime as a successor state to the retroactively-renamed First and Second Reichs. 

The term “Fourth Reich” has been used in a variety of different ways. Neo-Nazis have used it to describe their envisioned revival of an ethnically pure state, mostly in reference to, but not limited to, Nazi Germany. 

*Marias commentary: I believe the Fourth Reich is America, which has now spearheaded the supposedly genetically “pure” race of Nephilim via the snake bites (shots). 

Daniel 7:7 After this I saw in the night visions, and behold A FOURTH BEAST [FOURTH REICH OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, AMERICA], dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and broke in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was DIVERSE [America is a nation of diversity] from all the beasts [empires] that were before it; and it had ten horns. 

*Explanation: America is a carbon-copy of Rome. The U.S. Capital Building and the Washington Monument are built to resemble Vatican City. In these latter days, America is a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire, the Fourth Reich of Nazi Germany. 

Daniel 7:8 I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them ANOTHER LITTLE HORN, before whom there were THREE OF THE FIRST HORNS PLUCKED UP BY THE ROOTS: and, behold, in this horn were EYES LIKE A MAN, and A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS. 

*Explanation: The fourth beast into Daniel’s future was the Roman Empire. The ten horns on this beast are the European Nations that comprised the Holy Roman Empire. Another Little Horn is America, who comes up after the defeat of these three horns (England, Italy & Germany). America defeated Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. 

America defeated Italy & Germany (Hitler & Mussolini) in World War II. America PLUCKED UP THREE of these European Horns:
England, Italy & Germany! 

Even though these nations still exist, they were no longer part of Hitler’s Third Reich of the Holy Roman Empire. Instead, they became part of the G-7 nations. 

Daniel 7:23 Thus he said, The FOURTH BEAST shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth [THE FOURTH REICH OF ROME], which shall be DIVERSE [America is a nation of diversity] from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. 

Daniel 7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and ANOTHER SHALL RISE AFTER THEM [AMERICA]; and HE SHALL BE DIVERSE FROM THE FIRST, and HE SHALL SUBDUE THREE KINGS [NATIONS].

*Explanation: The Little Horn is America, headed by an American President who “SPEAKS GREAT WORDS & BLASPHEMIES AGAINST THE MOST HIGH.”

In other words, he is BOASTFUL, ARROGANT, BRASH, BOLD! 

Trump Tweeted that he is the “The King of Israel, the Second coming of god, and the Messiah, the Chosen One!” 

This American President will enforce the Talmudic “Noahide Laws” of Judaism, as well as “The Sunday Sabbath Law” of the Roman Papacy. In this way  “HE SHALL THINK TO CHANGE TIMES & LAWS,” thus making it unlawful for believers in Messiah to keep the Sabbath & Feasts holy. 


In Daniel chapter 8, the “he goat” was Alexander the Great (in the past), whose empire was divided after he died, to four of his generals: Antigonus, Cassander, Ptolemy, and Seleucus. 

These generals were known as the Diadochi (meaning “successors”) and Alexander’s empire was divided among the four of them. In modern times, however, the “he goat” is Trump, as he possesses the military prowess of Alexander the Great. Trump defeated ISIS, and thus, the Ram (Islamic State Caliphate), was severely crippled. 

See the links below: U.S. troops to leave Syria as President Trump declares victory over ISIS: NEWS U.S. troops to leave Syria as President Trump declares victory over ISIS

After Trump defeated the Islamic Caliphate (by having Qasem Soleimani assassinated), the U.S. brokered agreements that established or reestablished diplomatic and economic relations between Israel and four Muslim nations: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco. 

The “Abraham Accords” have been cited as Trump’s main diplomatic achievement. 

Daniel 8:8 Therefore the HE GOAT WAXED VERY GREAT: and when he was strong, THE GREAT HORN WAS BROKEN; and for it CAME UP FOUR NOTABLE ONES. 

*Explanation: America will soon be divided into four nations. See the links below: 


The Officially Recognized Four Regions of The United States:

Daniel 8:9 And out of one of them came forth a LITTLE HORN, which waxed exceeding great, TOWARD THE SOUTH, and toward the east, and TOWARD THE PLEASANT LAND (the nation of Israel). 

*Explanation: After America is divided into four nations, out of one of those four regions, shall arise A LITTLE HORN---A LITTLE TRUMP! 

Will it be Donald Trump Senior, or Junior? It doesn’t really matter, because President Donald Trump equals, 666, and the title “Little Horn” means “Little Trump!”

Are they Planning a Fake Assassination of Trump?

On August 31st, 2023, Hungarys Viktor Orbán said in an interview with Tucker Carlson, that “TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE THE WESTERN WORLD!”

Tucker Carlson Interviews Viktor Orban

Soon, we shall see the dictators of the world in support of Trump, and this will give rise to the “Ten Horns that rule for one hour with the beast” (Revelation 17:12-13). 

Revelation 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 

Hungarys Viktor Orbán (#33) was wearing an “Orange Tie,” (#33) in honor of “Orange Man,” (#33) and all three have the numeric value of 33, a Freemasonic number: 

Viktor Orban = 33 
Orange Tie = 33 
Orange Man = 33 

9 x 11 = 99

33 + 33 + 33 = 99

The Twin Towers were 33 years old when they came down on 9/11.

To learn about Trumps involvement with the Twin Towers, please see my other blog: What Did “Back to the Future” Tell Us About Donald Trump?

In the occult world, the concept of the necktie predates to early occult ceremonies in which someone being initiated into the Brotherhood, would have a noose placed around his neck, symbolizing his willingness to give his life for the higher purpose–in this instance, Satan. 

The fact that Viktor Orban is wearing an Orange Necktie, I believe is signaling that Trump (Orange Man) is the one who will be “Giving up his life as a sacrifice,” for the higher purpose, which is the One World Order of Antichrist. 

Will it be Donald Trump Senior, or Junior? It doesn’t really matter, because President Donald Trump equals, 666, and the title “Little Horn” in Hebrew means “Trump brought low,” or “Little Trump!”

New Developments as of September 20th 2023

On 9-20-2023, Donald Trump Junior’s X account (formerly Twitter) was supposedly hacked.

Here is the cryptic message that was made by the alleged “hacker.” 

President Roosevelt once famously said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” 

The elites believe they must reveal their diabolical plans to the public in such a way, that it can easily be debunked. By doing it this way, the average sheeple will brush it off as hearsay, while the more discerning and spiritual person, recognizes that this is a Psychological Operation, aka a Psyop. 

They are telling us some rather cryptic things, but I could not publish them on Facebook without having my post take down. 

If Trump Junior makes it into the Oval Office, it won’t change anything. As I have already illustrated, in Daniel 7:8 through Daniel 8:8, it is speaking about the same “Little Horn.” 

However, there could be “Another Little Horn” that arises, as described in Daniel 8:9, after the first “Little Horn” is broken (killed). 

What is interesting, is that as of 9-20-2023, Don Jr. is now 45 years of age, but by January 2025, he will be 47, since his date of birth is December 31, 1977. 

Also, as of June 14, 2023, Donald Senior is 77 years old.

If you add up all the digits in Donald Senior’s 77th birthday, you get 666 as follows: 6 + 1 + 4+ 2 + 2+ 3 = 18, divided by 3 = 666. 

What are the chances that in 2023, Donald Senior is 77, and Don Junior was born in 77? 

Also, Don Junior was born on New Years Eve, which is when the heathens celebrate Janus, the pagan deity of the Past & Future. Janus has two faces, one facing the past ,and the other facing the future.

Could it be that the older Trump is in the past, while the younger Trump is in the future? 

Trump Senior was born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini the Twins, which makes me think there could be Twin Trumps in the Oval Office.

I am going to speculate as to what I see as a possibility:

1.) Donald Trump Senior chooses his son, Don Jr. as his Vice President running mate.

2.) Donald Trump Senior is assassinated. 

3.) Donald Trump Junior MAKES AN A.I. IMAGE OF HIS FATHER, and forces people to worship his dad’s image! 

That would certainly fit the following narrative: 

Revelation 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 

*Explanation: What if the first beast in Revelation 13:1 is Donald Trump Senior, who heads up the One World Dictatorship of Antichrist?

Revelation 13:11 And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. 

*Explanation: What if the second beast in Revelation 13:11 is Donald Trump Junior, who will pick up the baton, and finish what his dad started? Following in his father's footsteps, Donald Trump Jr. sells Bibles online, which means he that he looks like a lamb, but he speaks as a dragon, because he follows Freemasonry.

Revelation 13:12 And he exercises all the power of the first beast before him, and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 

Revelation 13:14 And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. 

Revelation 13:15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

In 2016, Ben Carson was a guest on “The View,” and the women on the show were asking him why he was defending Donald Trump, even after he had made many disparaging remarks about him during the debates? Ben Carson's answer was this: “There are two different Donald Trumps.”

At first glance, it sounds as if Carson is declaring that there are two sides to Donald Trump’s personality. However, I believe he was making a cryptic statement about there possibly being two Donald Trumps in the Oval Office in the future.

Ben Carson Said There are Two Trumps:

Will Donald Trump Choose Ben Carson as his Vice President?

Don’t be fooled by all the so-called “prophesies” that you hear concerning DJT’s assassination.

The Simpson’s Television Show, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, and even the false prophetess named “Celestial” (The Master’s Voice) are all predicting DJT’s assassination.

In September of 2023, Donald Trump Junior went onto his X Account (formerly Twitter), and he claimed that a hacker had hacked into his account. The so-called “hacker” wrote on Donald Trump Junior’s profile “My father Donald Trump is dead, and I am now going to run for President in 2024!” 

I knew immediately that this was a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION (PSYOP)! 

Remember that the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition performs “LYING SIGNS & WONDERS!” (2nd Thessalonians 2:9). 

Former Jesuit Operative, Alberto Rivera wrote in his testimony that he had been briefed at the Vatican in the 1970’s, and he was informed that the Vatican planned TWO FAKE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS! 

In 1981, the Jesuits faked Pope John Paul II’s fake assassination attempt, as well as President Reagan’s fake assassination attempt.

The plan was that both men (Pope JPII & Reagan) were meant to become close friends, (to help convert America into a Roman Catholic Nation). 

Both men went on to proclaim on Television Interviews, that they were giving the glory to “The Virgin Mary” for saving them from the so-called “Assassination Attempts!” 

They did this to bring legitimacy to the “Fatima Prophecies” given to three children in Portugal in 1917, when they claimed to have received a so-called heavenly visitation from “The Virgin Mary!” 

Scripture tells us that Satan can transform himself as an “ANGEL OF LIGHT!” 

2nd Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 

The name “Lucifer” in Latin means “Light Bringer,” and this fallen angel’s name in Hebrew is “Heylel.” (see Isaiah 14:12). 

Lucifer (Heylel) is the one posing as “The Virgin Mary,” to garner worship for himself. 

Just remember, that Baphomet is a HERMAPHRODITE! 

Ben Carson’s “CRYPTIC STATEMENT” stating that “There are two different Donald Trumps” could have been more than what we realized at the time.

Either they will “MAKE AN IMAGE/CLONE” of DJT, or Donald Trump Jr. will become the other Trump. Or both could end up happening.

What if Donald Trump Junior makes an image of his father, and forces the world to worship the image under penalty of death? 

What if this image is a clone of DJT powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Either way, it won’t make a difference, because “Donald Trump Jr.” adds up to 666 and “President Donald Trump” also adds up to 666! 

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