Friday, March 26, 2021

Passover Scripture Reading Guide

By Maria Merola

© Copyright Double Portion Inheritance, May 2017

This is a simple Scripture Reading Guide that we have used in the past couple of years, instead of using a Seder Haggadah. It is much simpler, and it is in keeping with the Instructions for Passover.

*On the first night, (Passover, the 14th of Abib), we read the following scriptures: 

Exodus 7:1-12:31 

Gives the account of the ten plagues in Egypt. This will include the night that Israel slaughtered a lamb, and the death angel passed over Egypt, taking the firstborn of the Egyptians. The reading will conclude with Pharaoh calling for Moses and Aaron in the middle of the night. 

Matthew 26:1-75; Mark 14:1-72; Luke 22:1-71; John 13:1-38; John 17:1-26 & 18:1-28.

Next, we will read all four gospel accounts of when our Messiah, Yahuwshuwa ate the Passover Meal with his disciples. This includes the night he was arrested, and brought before the High Priest in the middle of the night. 

*On the second night, (Unleavened Bread, the 15th of Abib), we read the following scriptures:

Exodus 12:31-13:22 

Details the events that took place the following morning after the first-born of the Egyptians died.

Numbers 33 

Details Israel’s borrowing from the Egyptians and leaving Egypt that night as the Egyptians were burying their dead. 

Next, we read all four gospel accounts of the day our Messiah was tried and sentenced before the Sanhedrin, King Herod, & Pontius Pilate. We also read the account of his crucifixion, and death on the cross. The gospels record his body being taken down from the cross, and buried just before sundown on Passover (in time for the Feast of Unleavened Bread).

Matthew 27:1-66; Luke 23:1-56; Mark 15:1-47; John 18:28-40 & John 19:1-42 

*On the Feast of First Fruits (Resurrection Day), we read the following scriptures: 

Exodus 14:1-31; Exodus 15:1-22 

Details the events of Israel arriving at the Red Sea, and the Egyptians drowning in the sea as the Israelites crossed over to the other side. 

Matthew 28:1-20; Luke 24:1-53; Mark 16:1-20; John 20:1-31 & 21:1-25 

We will read all four gospel accounts of when the women went back to the tomb to anoint the body of Yahuwshuwa, and found that he had already risen from the dead.

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