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Santa Claus or Satan Claws?

By Maria Merola

In 1981, I was first “born-again” by the blood of Messiah Yahuwshuwa, (although, I called him Jesus back then). It was during this time, that I began asking my Heavenly Father for the gift of discerning of spirits (1st Corinthians 12:10). One of the first things that I learned, was how to discern the difference between the holy and the profane (Ezekiel 44:23). During the month of December in 1982, the Father revealed to me the true identity of “Santa Claus.” 

I was a brand new mother with a five-month old son, and I was driving in my car (with the baby strapped in his car seat in the back), when something startling caught my eye. As I was driving past a marquis in front of a shopping center (in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), I read the shocking words: “Satan is coming!” 

I was incredulous, as I realized that the person who put the letters up on the marquis meant to spell out “Santa is coming!” 

The thought came to me 
“They made a mistake!” It was then that I heard the voice of the Ruwach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) say to me “Maria, it is not a mistake, Santa is Satan!”

That revelation would shake me to the core, as I made the decision to never teach my children to believe in the lie of “Santa Claus.” I remembered in that moment, (when as a teenager), I had dabbled in the occult, and I had learned about a technique called “anagrams.” 

What is an anagram? The dictionary defines this word as follows:

At the age of 14, I had checked out a few occult books from the Library about witchcraft, and casting spells. You might be asking yourself “Why would a young girl that age be studying witchcraft and casting spells?” It may seem strange to some, but I believe that the door to the demonic realm was opened up to me as a result of praying the Catholic Rosary Beads. Rosary Beads are used to pray to “The Queen of Heaven” (which is a violation of Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-18; Deuteronomy 18:9-11). Little did I realize back then, that by “praying to the dead,” I was inadvertently inviting demons into my life.

As a child, I attended Catholic School between the ages of 6-12. During those years, I became deeply disillusioned with “Christianity,” because I had suffered terrible mental, emotional, and physical abuse from Catholic Nuns.

This led me to search for spirituality through false religions and the occult as an answer to the torment that I was suffering. In 1981, I was finally set free from these demons when I cried out to our Messiah, Yahuwshuwa and was wonderfully “born-again.”

As grown young men, my two sons Elijah & Jeremy have told me that they never felt deprived in being told that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. 

My children would never put a glass of milk and a plate of cookies out for an imaginary Santa Claus that was supposedly going to break into the house without a key and no chimney. They would never be lied to and made to believe that a complete stranger bought presents for them when it was me and their father who showered them with love and good things in life. 

My sons would never be motivated to display good behavior in exchange for receiving material things. They were taught that good behavior comes from having a relationship with the one who created them. They would never address prayers and letters to a man who did not exist in the North Pole. Instead, they were taught to pray to the real Messiah named Yahuwshuwa. Back then we only knew him as “Jesus Christ,” and he heard our prayers.

Today I am rewarded with gratitude from my two sons as they thank me that I never lied to them about this fictitious character. They thank me that I never taught them to commit idolatry with an imaginary substitute for the real Messiah. And today, I am pleading with many of you parents not to defile the souls of your little ones with this idol named “Santa Claus,” who in reality is indeed Satan.

Here is a photograph of a child who misspelled the name “Santa” as she wrote “I love Satan!” Do you see how easy it is to deceive children into worshiping Satan? Beloved, do not defile the precious souls of these little ones, as our Messiah warned us what would happen if we do:

Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Pictured to the right are Christmas Cards from Germany featuring the true identity of Santa Claus. This grotesque-looking creature is the real spirit of Santa Claus unmasked, and he is a demon spirit known in Germany as “Krampus.” This demon (according to folklore), is supposed to be the evil side-kick of Santa Claus himself or his “alter ego.” 

Krampus’ role is to scare children into being good. All year long children are taught that if they are “naughty,” Krampus would come on Christmas with a switch and beat their bottoms. But if they were “nice,” then Santa Claus would come and give them toys and treats. The invention of this creature comes from the popular medieval Christmas plays of the tenth through the sixteenth century. 

These miracle, moral, mystery and passion dramas acted out scenes from the scriptures and the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Combining humor and religion, they flourished during the fifteenth century. It is significant that St. Nicholas was a dominant theme among these plays. Much of the myth and outlandish miracles of St. Nicholas originated from these dramas. 

And much of the bizarre characteristics of Santa were planted in these Christmas plays.---Siefker, Phyllis. Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men: The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas. Jefferson: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1997, p. 69

One of the bizarre jobs of St. Nick’s devilish helper was to “gleefully drag sinners to Hell!” On the eve of December 6th, the myth told that this bearded, white-haired old “saint,” clad in a wide mantel, rode through the skies on a white horse (the rider on a white horse in Revelation 6), together with his slave, the swarthy Dark Helper. 

This reluctant helper had to disperse gifts to good people, but much preferred to threaten them with his broom-like scourge, and, at a sign of his master, would gleefully drag sinners away to a place of eternal suffering---Renterghem, Tony van. When Santa Was a Shaman. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1995, p. 111 

It is also alarming that Santa’s popular title, “Nick,” is also a common name for “The Devil.” “Old Nick” is a well-known British name for the Devil. “It seems probable that this name is derived from the Dutch Nikken, the devil.”----Shepard, Leslie A. Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. New York: Gale Research Inc. 1991, p. 650 Nick, the devil---Skeat, Walter W. Concise Dictionary of English Etymology. Ware: Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 1993, p. 304

The devil has other names besides the name Satan. He is also called Beelzebub or Lucifer. And in popular or rustic speech by many familiar terms as Old Nick---(Oxford English Dictionary). 

Nicholas is one of the most common devil’s names in German, a name that remains today when Satan is referred as Old Nick---Siefker, Phyllis. Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men: The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas. Jefferson: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1997, p. 69

Pictured is another Christmas card from Austria, just before World War II. The Big Black Horned thing you see is “Krampus,” once again the demon that comes with Santa bringing a “bag of Switches” for boys and girls that don’t behave. He would also kidnap and eat them. 

This is the origin of “Santa’s Little Helper” which later became the Elves at the North Pole. Every year in Austria they have a big party for him in December. 

Notice the children in the bag that he is kidnapping, and the pine branch from the x-mas tree he is about to beat that couple with, oh, and the goat horns and hooves, just like Baphomet, the goat demon worshiped in Freemasonry.

The German god “Ruebezahl” is a mixture of “Krampus” (the devil) and Santa. In Austria the strange and frightening creature, Krampus, is usually with St. Nicholas and often in chains, is dressed in fur with a scary mask and a long red tongue. 

Krampus carries a wooden stick or switches to threaten children who misbehave or do not know their lessons. Pictured to the right and below are more Christmas cards from Austria & Germany. The Little girl below is praying to the devil and asking for mercy. 

The creature is the “alter ego” of Santa Claus who would come to punish if the child has not been good all year long, but he comes as a benevolent jolly old fat man known as “Santa Claus” with toys and presents if the child has been good. Our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) taught us not to fear evil, nor to fear the devil. We are only to fear YaHuWaH who has the power to determine our eternal destiny:

Luke 12:

4 And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.

5 But I will forewarn you whom you shall fear: Fear him, which after he has killed has power to cast into Hell (Gehenna); yes, I say unto you, Fear him.

Satan has successfully caused little children to fear him instead of our Creator YaHuWaH:

Come, you children. . . I will teach you the fear of. . . Santa Claus? (Psalm 34:11)

“...You’d better watch out, You’d better not cry You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why Santa Claus is comin’ to town He’s making a list, He’s checking it twice He’s gonna find out Who’s naughty or nice...”

Children the world over are taught to FEAR Santa. “You’d better go to bed little boy,…..Santa is watching.”

Millions of fearful children are told, “You’d better behave, Santa is watching….. You might not get anything for Christmas.”

It is purely evil for parents to teach their children to fear the devil or Santa Clause. We are told that YaHuWaH has not given us the spirit of fear:

2nd Timothy 1:7 For Elohiym (God) has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  

Romans 8:15 For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

We are commanded instead to fear YaHuWaH the Creator of the Universe:

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of YHWH is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 

Psalm 111:10 The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endures forever.

You will notice in each of the Christmas Cards below, Santa Claus looks a lot like the Pope carrying his Papal Staff, with his “Dagon” fish-god miter, and he is always with his alter ego, Satan----how telling!

Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots is being true to her Babylonian roots by showing that she has adopted the head-dress of Dagon the fish-god of the Philistines in the Bible. The popes on certain occasions manifest by their head gear that they are acting as the direct representative of Dagon, the god of the Philistines (Palestinians).

As it was an indispensable rule in all idolatrous religions that the high priest should wear the insignia of the god that he worshipped, so the sculptures discovered by Layard show that the priests of Dagon were arrayed in clothing resembling fish. This is probably the ‘strange apparel’ referred to in Zephaniah 1:8. Berosus tells us that in the image of Dagon the head of the man appeared under the head of the fish, while Layard points out that in the case of the priests “The head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed.”---(Babylon and Nineveh, p. 343).

In the ancient legends of the Babylonians there was “Oannes” called “Lord of the Waves.” He was amphibious, having the torso and head of a man but upon his head was the head of a fish with gaping mouth and draping downward were the back of the fish, complete with scales and tail. 

The Sumerians called him “EA” and like Oannes - he was half fish and half man. He was called the great Fish of heaven. The Philistines called him “DAGON,” the fish god that is also mentioned in the Bible.---OANNES; part II, Vladimir Pakhomov taken from a history of Mesopotamia Written in the 3rd Century B.C. by Berossus; A Babylonian Priest.

Dagon Fish Mitre Hat Worn by Babylonian Priests

The priests of Dagon wore the same mitre hat that was worn by “Cybele.” It looked like the open mouth of a fish propped upon the priest’s head.

“He was half fish and half man. He was called the great Fish of heaven. The Philistines called him ‘DAGON’, the fish god that is also mentioned in the Bible.”----OANNES; part II Vladimir Pakhomov taken from a history of Mesopotamia Written in the 3rd Century BC by Berossus; A Babylonian Priest.

DAGON is mentioned in the Bible in at least 8 places:

Joshua 19:27
Judges 16:23
1st Samuel 5:2,3,4,5,7
1st Chronicles 10:10

“The two-horned mitre, which the Pope wears, when he sits on the high altar at Rome and receives the adoration of the Cardinals, is the very mitre worn by the priests of Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines and Babylonians.”--- The Two Babylons ; Alexander Hislop; p. 215

Why do the Popes wear a “Mitre” hat? The fact is that the origin of the hat can be traced to an ancient Babylonian fish-god named Dagon.

“...there are strong evidences that Dagon was Nimrod.... All scholars agree that the name and worship of Dagon were imported from Babylonia.”---- The Two Babylons, Hislop, p. 215

“In their veneration and worship of Dagon, the high priest of paganism would actually put on a garment that had been created from a huge fish! The head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the old man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed.”
---- Babylon and Nineveh, Austen Henry Layard, p. 343

“The most prominent form of worship in Babylon was dedicated to Dagon, later known as Ichthys, or the fish. In Chaldean times, the head of the church was the representative of Dagon, he was considered to be infallible, and was addressed as ‘Your Holiness’. Nations subdued by Babylon had to kiss the ring and slipper of the Babylonian god-king. The same powers and the same titles are claimed to this day by the Dalai Lama of Buddhism, and the Pope. Moreover, the vestments of paganism, the fish mitre and robes of the priests of Dagon are worn by the Catholic bishops, cardinals and popes.”
----The Wine of Babylon; Pg 9

“One need only look at Christianity to see...the Fish tradition! It’s under everyone’s nose. The real Priests of Dagon of old wore a mitre head dress and the Catholic religion uses this same design on their papal headdress!”

According to Egyptian mythology, when the judges found Osiris [Nimrod] guilty of corrupting the religion of Adam, they cut up his body, and threw the parts into the Nile. It was said that a fish ate one of these chunks and became transformed. Later, Isis [Semiramis] was fishing along the river bank when she fished up a half-man, half-fish. This sea creature was Dagon, the reincarnated Nimrod. 

And Dagon is the representation of Nimrod (of ancient Babylon) resurrecting out of the ocean depths as a half-man, half-fish. “Dagon is the diminutive of dag, and signifies... fish...The Babylonians believed that a being, part man and part fish, emerged from the Erythraean Sea, and appeared in Babylonia in the early days of its history Representations of this fish-god have been found among the sculptures of Nineveh. The Philistine Dagon was of a similar character.---- Manners and Customs of the Bible; by James Freeman

And this also explains the symbol for Christianity, the fish - the “Ichthys” which is Dagon.

Definition – “Ichthyic” – “of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fishes; the fish world in all its orders.”---- Oxford English Dictionary (C. E.)

Fish On Fridays?

The worship of Dagon also affected people’s eating habits. This may explain the mystery of why the Catholics abstain from eating fish on all days except Fridays. Whether they realize it or not, they are practicing the ancient pagan rite of worshipping Dagon. According to The Catholic Encyclopedia:

“As to the ritual of his worship...we only know from ancient writers that, for religious reasons, most of the Syrian peoples abstained from eating fish, a practice that one is naturally inclined to connect with the worship of a fish-god.”---- The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913, Encyclopedia Press, Inc.

The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes

In his Revelation to the Seven Assemblies in Asia Minor, our Messiah specifically,” which is something he hates:

Revelation 2:6 But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.

Revelation 2:15 So have you also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.

What exactly is this doctrine that our Messiah hates? Well the root words come from two words:

Nicos = to dominate the people
Laity = the lay people who are not in leadership in the church

Hence this doctrine places other humans in the place of Messiah or Elohiym (God) in the life of the believer. What this means is that Popes, Bishops, Pastors, and Priests are put on a pedestal where they do not belong and the people are taught to put their trust in them for their salvation instead of Messiah himself. 

This doctrine teaches that people should not attempt to interpret scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit, but instead they should rely on “Church Fathers” and leaders to interpret scripture and to aid them in their path to salvation and eternal life. But our Messiah warned us not to call any church leader on earth “father”:

Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) taught us that the Holy Spirit is assigned to teach us and that we have no need to be taught any false doctrine that originates from humans:

1st Yahuwchanon (John) 2:27 But the anointing which you have received of him abides in you, and you need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it has taught you, you shall abide in him. 

The Role of the Papacy is to “dominate” the people with fear and to make them rely solely on him as the “visible image of Jesus Christ on earth,” as thus says Rome!

In all of the above images, Santa (which means holy in Latin) is actually the Pope or Bishop of Rome who is called “Holy Father” as he is dressed very similar to Santa Claus and standing with his true “alter ego” Satan or Krampus the horned god or “Nimrod.” Santa Claus is also called “Father Christmas” and the Latin word for Father is “Pappas” where we get the word “Pope!”

Pope = Father Christ Mass who performs the Catholic Mass! The shocking truth is Santa Claus originated from a character identified as the devil or Satan.

In certain German children’s games, the Saint Nicholas figure itself is the Dark Helper, a devil who wants to punish children, but is stopped from doing so by Christ---Renterghem, Tony van. When Santa Was a Shaman. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1995, p. 105

This is a photo of St. Nicholas from whom we get “Santa Claus.” The name Nicholas, in Greek is “Niko-Laus” which means “one who RULES over the people.”  

The word “Santa” means “Holy” in Latin and hence we have a name that means “The Holy One Who Rules Over the People.” 

Instead of the coming Messiah who reigns, this guy’s name says that he wants to rule over the people instead. It is interesting to note also that the Latin language is what is commonly used in Witchcraft, incantations, spells and in Satanic rituals. 

It is because Latin is a language that has its roots in paganism from the start. It is no wonder that Latin is a language that uses the same letters for Satan in the word “Holy” (Santa). But in Hebrew (the original language of scripture), the word for “holy” is “qodesh” which has no resemblance to “Santa.” 

The bizarre and mutual attributes of Thor and Santa are no accident. Author Tony Renterghem, concludes his extensive research into the origin of Santa with the following statement:

“I can only conclude that the original ancestor of our modern Santa Claus is none other than the mythological Dark Helper-a faint memory of Herne/Pan, the ancient shamanic nature spirit of the Olde Religion.”---(Renterghem, Tony “When Santa Was a Shaman.” St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1995, p. 93).

Note: Herne or Pan is the horned god. It is common knowledge that Pan and Herne are popular names for Satan. The Satanic Bible lists Pan as one of the Infernal Names of Satan---(LaVey, Anton Szandor. The Satanic Bible. New York: Avon Books, Inc., 1969 p. 144).

After researching scores of books and material on the origin of Santa Claus, by far, the best book on this subject is “Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men.”--- The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas, authored by the late University of Kansas associate, Phyllis Siefker.”

This is no child’s book, but a scholarly exploration into the origin of Santa Claus. It is published by the prestigious McFarland Publishers, a leading publisher of reference and academic books. This book carries no Christian bias, but is simply a secular, non-Christian scholastic study. With that in mind, the following analysis by Siefkler is even more alarming:

“The fact is that Santa and Satan are alter egos, brothers; they have the same origin. . . On the surface, the two figures are polar opposites, but underneath they share the same parent, and both retain many of the old symbols associated with their ‘father’ . . . From these two paths, he arrived at both the warmth of our fireplace and in the flames of hell.”----(Siefker, Phyllis. Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men: The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas. Jefferson: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1997, p. 6)

Christian Mythology says that Santa keeps lists of good and bad children. If you are good you get a visit from Santa and he leaves toys. However, in turn-of-the-century Europe, if you were bad you got a visit from KRAMPUS! It was Krampus who gave coal and rocks to the naughty children. Sometimes, Krampus would beat the bad with switches, and if a child was especially naughty, he would shackle them in chains, stuff them in a bucket and throw them into the fiery pits of Hell!

Does anyone find it strange that children will go to bed every night talking to an invisible man that they believe will swoop down from the sky on a certain holiday and bring them rewards? But we are told in scripture that the Messiah will hand out rewards at his second coming:

1st Corinthians 13:

13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

14 If any man’s work abide which he has built thereupon, he shall receive a reward.

15 If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.

Krampus, the original version of Santa’s Elf in Austria, would punish wrongdoers instead of Elohiym. He would bring the children a “bag of switches/branches” to beat them with. In Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 8:17 we learn more about this particular branch. This branch is a reference to the mistletoe and also to the “abominable branch” in Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 14 known as “The King of Babylon” (Nimrod). It is because he was “cut down” like a tree. It is said that his limbs were severed by Noah’s son Shem and they were sent to all the provinces in the land of Shinar---The book of Jasher; The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop; The Antiquities, Josephus.

Considering Santa you cannot miss his “alter ego,” who has followed him like a dark shadow since ancient times. There is a devil, called Percht, Bartl, “KRAMPUS” (the Devil), Knecht Ruprecht, or Rotsohler, accompanying Santa Claus in the European Alps. He shows the pre-Christian origin of this custom as a daemon trabant. We should mention here also another figure: Ruebezahl, who is a German mythical, giant-like person, who is a mixture of Krampus (the Devil) and Santa.”----Santa’s Origin; by Sepp Rothwangl

“In Austria a strange and frightening creature, known as Krampus, is usually with St. Nicholas. This devil figure, often in chains, is dressed in fur with a scary mask and a long red tongue. Krampus carries a wooden stick or switches to threaten children who misbehave or do not know their lessons.”----Saint Nicholas Center; Discovering the Truth About Santa Claus.
We often repeat the famous quote of Santa Clause in Christmas songs such as “Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn’t go, Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn’t go...” But do we realize what we are teaching our children to say?

“Ho, Ho, Ho” comes from a Roman Requirement that during Saturnalia citizens had to appear before the temple of Saturn (Baal) and yell, “Lo, Lo, Lo, Saturn” three times translated as, “Praise, Praise, Praise Saturn as god!”----From: The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic, an Introduction to the Study of the Religion of the Romans, W. Warde Fowler [1847 - 1921], Macmillan, 1899.

“There are several well-attested features of the Saturnalia as it was in historical times. On Dec. 17th there was a public sacrifice at the temple (formerly the era) of Saturn by the Forum, followed by a public feast, in breaking up from which the feasters shouted ‘Io Saturnalia!’”

In “The Drama Before Shakespeare - A Sketch”, author Frank Ireson, describes the popular Miracle Play. Notice the description of the devil as “shaggy, hairy,” etc. (as Santa), and notice the devil’s trademark “exclamation on entering was ho, ho, ho!”

Besides allegorical personages, there were two standing characters very prominent in Moral Plays—the Devil and Vice. The Devil was, no doubt, introduced from the Miracle Plays, where he had figured so amusingly; he was made as hideous as possible by his mask and dress, the latter being generally of a shaggy and hairy character, and he was duly provided with a tail: his ordinary exclamation on entering was, “Ho, ho, ho! what a fellow am I”---Ireson, Frank. “The Drama Before Shakespeare - A Sketch,” 1920 Siefker also collaborates the devil’s trademark “ho, ho, ho.”

In these plays, the devil’s common entry line, known as “the devil’s bluster,” was “Ho! Ho! Ho!”----Siefker, Phyllis. “Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men”----The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas. Jefferson: McFarland & Company, Inc., 1997, p. 69

The devil’s trademark “ho, ho, ho” was carried over from the early medieval Miracle Plays to the popular old English play “Bomelio,” as the following lines from the play verify:

“…. I conjure thee, foul spirit, down to hell! Ho, ho, ho! The devil, the devil! A-comes, a-comes, a-comes upon me…..” Dodsley, Robert. A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VI. The Project Gutenberg Ebook.

How St. Nicholas became Santa Claus

Nicholas was born in Parara, Turkey in 270 C.E. and later became Bishop of Myra. He died in 345 C.E. on December 6th. He was not canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church until the 1800’s.

Nicholas was among the most senior bishops who convened the Council of Nicaea in 325 C.E. and created the New Testament. The text they produced portrayed Jews as “the children of the devil” who sentenced Jesus to death.

In 1087, a group of sailors who idolized Nicholas moved his bones from Turkey to a sanctuary in Bari, Italy. There Nicholas supplanted a female boon-giving deity called The Grandmother, or Pasqua Epiphania, who used to fill the children’s stockings with her gifts. The Grandmother was ousted from her shrine at Bari, which became the center of the Nicholas cult. Members of this group gave each other gifts during a pageant they conducted annually on the anniversary of Nicholas’ death, December 6.

The Nicholas cult spread north until it was adopted by German and Celtic pagans. These groups worshipped a pantheon led by Woden –their chief god and the father of Thor, Balder, and Tiw. Woden had a long, white beard and rode a horse through the heavens one evening each Autumn. When Nicholas merged with Woden, he shed his Mediterranean appearance, grew a beard, mounted a flying horse, rescheduled his flight for December, and donned heavy winter clothing.

In a bid for pagan adherents in Northern Europe, the Catholic Church adopted the Nicholas cult and taught that he did (and they should) distribute gifts on December 25th instead of December 6th
Pictured here is Santa Claus shaking hands with the Pope or Bishop of Rome. These two characters have “merged” into one and the same persona! 

Saint Nicholas, a fourth century Catholic Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, who gave treats to children; was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church, as patron saint to sailors, pawnbrokers and children. Santa Claus or “Father Christmas” is a corruption of the Dutch “Sant Nikolaas.” 

The red suit comes from the fact that Catholic bishops and cardinals in Italy wear red. Also, according to tradition, a poor widower of Myra had three daughters, for whom she could not provide a dowry. On Xmas-Eve, “Saint Nicholas” threw three bags of gold down the chimney, thereby saving the daughters from having to enter into prostitution. One bag rolled into a shoe, and the others fell into some stockings that had been hung to dry by the fire, hence, the beginning of the tradition of the “Christmas stocking.”

But the Santa Claus concept originally came from ancient Egypt. The pagan Egyptian god, Bes, was a rounded, gnome-like personage who was the patron of little children. Bes was said to live at the North Pole, working all year-round to produce toys for children who had been good and obedient to their parents. 

In Dutch, he was called “Sinter Klaas.” The custom was brought to America by Dutch settlers. In European countries, Santa Claus was originally a grim personage who traversed the countryside, determined to find out who had been “naughty or nice.” Those who had been naughty were quickly switched.

Santa Claus is usually associated with snow, reindeer, and the North Pole, which suggests Scandinavian or Norse traditions of the Yuletide season. In Babylonia, the stag (reindeer) was a symbol of Nimrod, the mighty hunter. Antlers worn on the head of a noble leader symbolized his prowess as a hunter, and thereby, influence people to follow him. 

Santa is often looked upon as a jolly old man giving gifts to children and keeping the “magic” of Christmas alive, but, the Christmas spirit, is the spirit of lies, the spirit of deception, the season when the lonely are made to feel unwanted, when people get more depressed and suicidal, and when the hypocrites are generous for a season, celebrating their perpetual lie.

Prophecies About Our Messiah Satan Wants to Counterfeit 

Who is this that comes. . . red in your apparel  (Isaiah 63:2). Who wears boots and a suit of red? Santa wears boots and a suit of red!

“Cap on head, suit that’s red,
Special night, beard that’s white,
Must be Santa, Must be Santa,
Must be Santa, Santa Clause”

Satan wants to be the Messiah!
The Master YaHuW’shuwa (Jesus)

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 63:1-2:

1 Who is this that comes from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.

2 Wherefore are you red in your apparel, and your garments like him that treads in the winefat?

Revelation 19:

11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he does judge and make war.

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of Elohiym (God).

Do you get the strangest feeling that someone is trying to “be like someone else”?

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Once again, we see the “signature” Papal staff in his hand. Is this supposed to be the Resurrected Christ come to reign? St. Nicholas, the Pope, or “Santa Claus?” Who can tell? Or maybe that’s the point! Notice that the colors he is wearing are “scarlet & purple” just like the woman who is reading a Beast in Revelation 17.

The Historical “St. Nicholas” who hated Jews wouldn’t get along with the biblical Jewish Messiah known as Yahuwshuwa (Joshua aka Jesus), who kept the Sabbath, Holy Days, and Levitical diet. Our Messiah would never want a day in his honor on which Jews were ritually killed every Dec. 25th, but Saint Nicholas didn’t mind.

The 151st attendee listed in an A.D. 510 manuscript of attendees of the Council of Niceae was “Nicolas of Myra of Lycia.” Amazingly, December 25th was established as a supposedly “Christian” holiday at the Council of Nicea, and so was Easter, and Sunday. 

If anyone kept the Holy Days instead, Constantine had them put to death. St. Nicholas was all in favor of this, and mysteriously, X-mas later honored him. Imagine that. And that the same time the Roman Saturnalia was on December 25th, and was celebrated often by the ritual sacrifice of a Jew.

Saint Nicholas, was a Senior Bishop at the Council of Nicea. He wrote that Jews were “children of the devil that killed our Lord Jesus.”

At the Council of Nicea – “Those who openly or secretly keep the Sabbath and follow other practices in the manner of the Jews are not to be received into communion, nor into prayer, nor into the church....”

The Council of Laodicea – “It is not permitted to receive festivals which are by Jews, nor to hold a festival together with them. Christians must not Judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day...but if any be found to be Judaizers let them be anathema from Christ.”

Constantine wrote: “Let us have nothing in common with the Jews, who are our adversaries. This irregularity of observing Passover must be corrected, in order that we may no more have anything in common with the parricides and murderers of our Lord.”

Nimrod the Abominable Branch

“The Branch” was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah foretold of our Messiah, as THE RIGHTEOUS BRANCH:

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 11:1 And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots:

This prophecy above is about Yahuwshuwa the Messiah (Jesus)--the righteous BRANCH. Ezekiel spoke of this very same BRANCH:

Zekaryahuw (Zechariah) 3:8 Hear now, O Yahuwshuwa (Joshua) the high priest, you, and your fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH.

You will notice that the Temple Menorah has 7 Branches. The Menorah is deliberately meant to resemble the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. The Middle Branch is the main trunk of the tree represented as our Messiah (the Servant Candle who lights the others). And the other 6 branches represent mankind for on the 6th day YaHuWaH created man.

It is for this reason, that our Messiah said these words: 

Yahuwchanon (John) 15:5 I am the vine, you are the branches:

But Nimrod was the UNRIGHTEOUS BRANCH:

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 14:19 But you are cast out of your grave like, an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcass trodden under feet. 

Yehezqel (Ezekiel) 8:17 ....they commit the provoke me to anger: and, lo they put the branch to their nose.

Why was Nimrod & Tammuz symbolized by an “Abominable Branch?”  

In the history of the Babylonian Empire, Shem (Noah’s son) had Nimrod killed because he and his mother/wife, Semiramis were offering up babies to Molech on December 25th during the winter solstice and also in Easter Sunrise services for the “spring equinox” on March 25th.

When Shem and his men found Nimrod, they chopped off his body parts just like limbs to a tree, and his limbs were sent to various provinces within the land of Shinar. From then on, Semiramis, (his wife and mother) commanded the Babylonians to memorialize Nimrod by going into the Forrest to cut down a tree to remember Nimrod who was “cut down like a tree.”

This is why YaHuWaH forbids us to erect a “Christmas Tree” even if it is supposedly in the honor of “Jesus:”

Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 10:

2 Thus says YHWH, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

For the customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

From the ancient days of Nimrod, (when his body parts were chopped off and scattered throughout the Provinces of Shinar), from that point on, Nimrod or Ba’al was known as “the god of the tree.”  

The Druids and the Celts continued to worship this pagan deity now called “The Green Man” through orgies in the forest under trees and erecting Christmas Trees.

Has anything changed today in America? Are we not just as adulterous as backsliding Yisra’el who played the harlot under every green tree?

Yeshayahuw (Isaiah) 57:5 Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?

Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 3:6 YHWH said also unto me in the days of Yohshi’Yah (Josiah) the king, Have you seen that which backsliding Yisra’el has done? she is gone up upon every high mountain and under every green tree, and there has played the harlot.

Debarim (Deuteronomy) 12:2 You shall utterly destroy all the places, wherein the nations which you shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains, and upon the hills, and under every green tree:

1st Melakim (Kings) 14:23 For they also built them high places, and images, and groves [asherah], on every high hill, and under every green tree.

2nd Melakim (Kings) 17:10 And they set them up images and groves [asherah] in every high hill, and under every green tree:

Yirmeyahuw (Jeremiah) 3:13 Only acknowledge your iniquity, that you have transgressed against YHWH your Elohiym, and have scattered your ways to the strangers under every green tree, and you have not obeyed my voice, says YHWH.

Notice Nimrod in the illustration with a Pine Tree and Reindeer, and then Santa on the right! The Nimrod photo to the left is from a 4,000 year old Babylonian woodcut made by a Babylonian.

And so our Christmas tree and our Yule log have tremendous meaning, but not a biblical meaning. The Yule log is the dead Nimrod’s penis, human ruler of ancient Babylon, who was eventually deified as the sun incarnate, and hence a god.

The Christmas tree is mystical Tammuz, the slain god come to life again----After Armageddon, Chapter 4,Where do we get our ideas? by John A. Sarkett

Why Are Red & Green Official Christmas Colors?

Santa’s Suite was originally Green before the Coca-Cola Company came along. The suite is based on the Celtic god/demon called the “Green Man of the Woods” whose colors were Red and Green, their version of Attis (Tammuz in the Bible). They got the idea from the Babylonian Tammuz who was an “evergreen tree” the god who was worshiped on December 25th, hence the “branches” placed to the nose in Ezekiel 8:17.

“Pope Gregory...advised Saint Augustine to allow his converts certain festivals as formerly they had done this in honor of the devil. Therefore, St. Augustine permitted their usual December celebration under the new name. From these early pagan ceremonies are derived many of the English holiday customs that have survived to our day.”----The Evolution of Christmas; Published in 1909

Didn’t the Apostle Sha’ul (Paul) warn the Galatians to NOT GO BACK to the superstitions and holidays they kept “BEFORE they knew Elohiym (God)?”As you can see below, there is a chart showing what these ELEMENTS really are. 

These weak and beggarly elements are used by the pagans as they worship the created things in nature. You will also notice the 5-pointed star of witchcraft is in the center. This is the essence of paganism and the basis for pagan holidays. Now e graphic below. Now we know what the Apostle Paul meant in Galatians when he spoke of weak and beggarly elements!

Galatians 4:

8 Howbeit then, when you knew not Elohiym, you did service unto them which by nature are no gods.

9 But now, after that you have known Elohiym, or rather are known of Elohiym,  how turn you again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto you desire again to be in bondage?

10 You observe days, and months, and times, and years (astrology).

11 I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.

The name “Santa Claus” & Anagrams

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to transform “Satan” from “Santa?” Just move the letter “N” to the end. And presto! “Satan” appears. . .

An internet Google search on “Satan Claus” [not Santa Claus – but SATAN Claus] found over 1,700 hits! Obviously, there are many that tie the two together.

The rearranging of letters (called anagrams) to hide secret names or words has long been practiced in the occult. The Jewish Encyclopedia writes of the Jewish occult book called the Kabbalah:

The golden age for anagrams began with the Kabbalah. The Platonists had strange notions as to the influence of anagrammatic virtues, particularly of anagrams evolved from names of persons. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Kabbalists, like all the Neoplatonists, pretended to discover occult qualities in proper names and in their anagrams.

Another name for Satan is Sanat. He also likes to be called “Natas” which is a root word for the name “Natasha” in Russian this is a word that means “Christmas.”

He simply rearranges the letters in his name at will. Who wears a red suit and claims to be “omnipresent” (everywhere at once) and “omniscient” (all-knowing) like Elohiym?

The song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” says: “…he sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.”

But this is blasphemy against the one true Elohiym of Yisra’el YaHuWaH. Who comes out of a “fire” place? Who takes the attention away from our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus Christ)? Who entices children with materialism? Santa is often referred to as “Father Christmas.” The word “mas” pertains to the Catholic mass wherein our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) is crucified over and over again. The Roman Catholic Church took the pagan holiday called “Saturnalia” for “Sat” or “Satan” and changed it into the birthday of our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus)----another identity switch of Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) for Satan.

Saturn is “STUR” in Chaldean for Nimrod.

One of the most well-known anagrams in the occult world is the name of Sanat KumaraSanat is better known as Satan. Constance Cumbey, writes in her best-selling, New-Age expose, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. . . they [New Agers] freely call Sanat Kumara (Satan) ‘God’. And their doctrinal reference books by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice Ann Bailey freely cross-reference Sanat Kumara with Venus. In occult writings, Lucifer and Venus are one and the same.”----(Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 138).........Texe Marrs writes of ‘Sanat’ in Dark Secrets of the New Age:

“. . . the New Age offers a being called Sanat Kumara. ‘Sanat’ is obviously a thinly veiled reference to Satan; nevertheless, New Age teachers evidently believe that the new spelling will alleviate the concerns of those not yet ready to confess Satan as their Lord and Messiah.”------Texe Marrs, Dark Secrets of the New Age, pp. 79-80 

Interesting.......Where does that put Lord S-A-N-T-A?

H.P. Blavatsky, the Satanist and New Age teacher writes in The Secret Doctrine:

“…Many a mysterious sacred name. . . conveys to the profane ear no more than some ordinary, and often vulgar [common] word, because it is concealed anagrammatically or otherwise. ”-----H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, p. 78

Like S-A-N-T-A?

Blavatsky also writes, “…the name is not important – but the letters.”

“The name isn’t important. It is the letters….”---- H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol II, p. 350  Blavatasky’s anagrams were used to disguise who her true god was. Blavatasky openly taught Satan is mankind’s true redeemer, creator and Saviour.

And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon, the ‘Lord of Phosphorus’ and Lucifer, or ‘Light Bearer’, is in us; it is our Mind — our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Saviour----HP Blavatasky, The Secret Doctrine p. 513

Satan, the Serpent of Genesis is the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he . . . who opened the eyes of the automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah. . . he still remains in Esoteric Truth the ever loving messenger----H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol 3, p. 243 

Gail Riplinger writes in her excellent book, “New Age Bible Versions” on the use of anagrams in the occult world:

“Lucifer’s True Identity as Satan is Revealed as the Anagram, a Transposition of Letters, To Obscure It. “Blinds,” as esoterics call them, include scrambling the letters of a name to hide the true meaning of a word from the uninitiated.”--- Gail Riplinger, New Age Bible Versions, p. 52

It is interesting Mrs. Riplinger also raises a red flag about the anagram Santa:

“Gods of the New Age include Sanatan and Sanatsiyata, . . . New Agers say each name is ‘concealed anagrammatically’ ‘and are aliases,’ and are ’an anagram used for Occult purposes. Is Santa, the great usurper of Christ's attention at Christmas, an anagram? “Ole Nick” is listed among the fallen angels or devils in the Dictionary of Fallen Angels. Scholars concur that Christ was born in the fall on the 4th day of the feast of tabernacles. December 25th is actually “the feast in honor of the birth of the son of the Babylonian queen of heaven, later called Saturnalia by the heathen Romans….”---Gail Riplinger, New Age Versions, p. 52

It is also worth noting, Santa is Spanish for holy. Santa is also from the Latin word Sanctus which means also saintly, holy. Our English words “saint, sanctify, et al” comes from Santa. Sounds like Satan’s “I will be like the most High” plan is in action.

Is “Claus” another anagram for “Lucas?”

It’s no secret Lucas and Lucis are new-age “code words” for Lucifer. The Alice Bailey founded new age, occult publishing company was originally named Lucifer Publishing Company but in 1924 the name was cleverly changed to Lucis Trust. By the way, the Lucifer worshiping Lucis Trust is a major player in the works of the United Nations formerly located in the United Nations building but now located on prime-time 1200 Wall Street.

It’s no coincidence that Santa Claus sounds like “Satan’s Claws” for he is described as one who comes like a roaring lion to devour:

1st Kefa (Peter) 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour:

Well Guess What? …..The Name “Santa Claus” Literally Means Satan Claws!

Where did the “Klaus” in “Santa Claus” come from?? Santa “CLAWS” (Claus) literally comes from the meaning behind the “Claws” of Krampus, the Devil!

The name Krampus originates from the Old High German word for claw (Krampen).

As time passed Krampus’ feet were replaced with “CLAWS” or sometimes with hooves and (sometimes one of each) and his body itself became covered in fur and he wore little or no clothing. 

Sometimes a common “devil” type tail is also added. Eventually his tongue became obscenely long as did his horns.
Since the demon Krampus comes from the word for claw, we can soundly suggest that Santa Claus and Satan Claws come from the same Evil Root.

Krampus – “The word Krampus originates from the Old High German word for CLAW (Krampen).”-----Paganism in the Eastern Alps Article; “Krampus.” 

“Krampus is the survivor of a pagan tradition that preceded Christianity and the word Krampus originates from the Old High German word for CLAW (Krampen).”-----Christmas in Salzburg and Linz 2005, Austria Travelers, Special Interest Tours in Austria

Satanist Anton LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible and founder of “The First Church of Satan,” has written that “fantasy plays an important role in any religious curriculum. The subjective mind is less discriminating about the quality of its food than it is about the taste. Thus, fantasy is utilized as a magic weapon in Satanism.”----Anton LaVey, The Satanic Rituals, p. 15

LaVey is an American Satanist; other Satanists actually worship Baal/Satan, who is called the “god of light” or “the sun-god” in most cultures.

Fantasies such as Santa Claus the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are lies that we tell our children and we think it’s all “fun and games” but we are actually putting our children under a Satanic spell when we bewitch them with lies!

Interestingly enough, December 25th ranks high on the Satanist’s Calendar, just like Halloween and Birthdays. The birthday celebrates the Self, which is the true “god” of Satanism, according to LaVey.

Meet “Father X-mas” Everyone!

Do you remember Pan’s Labyrinth? Ba’al? Bacchus? This is also, Santa’s Precious, Sweet, little helper, that your kids are hoping will show up to bring them some toys. In the Satanic, Bible, Pan is one of the top names of Satan himself.

Jolly Old St. Nick is Satan himself! 

While Santa and Claus may be disguising their real meaning – there is no disguising St. Nick. He is a well-known character.

Old Nick is a well-known British name of the Devil. It seems probable that this name is derived from the Dutch Nikken, the devil----Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, p.650   

Nick, the devil----Walter W. Sleay, Concise Dictionary of English Etymology, p. 304 

The Devil is his name besides the name Satan, he is also called Beelzebub, Lucifer . . . and in popular or rustic speech by many familiar terms as Old Nick ----Oxford English Dictionary Vol III D-E 

Actor Adam Sandler and “New Line Studios” are obviously aware that “Nick” is an alias for Satan. Their movie Little Nicky” is about the son of Satan named Little Nicky. A teaser for the film says, “If your mother was an angel and your father was the devil you’d be messed up too.”

In the popular Cloud Ten Pictures “Apocalypse” film series Revelation, Tribulation, & Judgment, the Antichrist just so happens to be played by none other than the actor “Nick” Mancuso…..Hmmm…

The Cloud Ten Pictures are based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkin’s popular “Left Behind Series” Apocalypse book series. What is the name of the Antichrist in the Left Behind Series? Nicolae “Nick” Carpathia, of course! In fact, one of the books is titled, Nicolae, The Rise of the Antichrist.”  It is also interesting, the book American Slang defines the slang word nick: to rob or steal. (Robert L. Chapman, American Slang, p. 297) This is how our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus) characterizes the devil:

Yahuwchanon (John) 10:1-10

“...Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that enters not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way [say a chimney?], the same is a thief and a robber…I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

In Austria, the Santa Claus equivalent is St. Nicholas who always comes with Krampus, his darker side. He is always a large, demon goat, black-clad with antlers on his head. There are at least 60 Krampus figures who will roam the streets of Götzens as of 7:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve. On December 05, 2003, Devilish Creatures will gather on the Götzens Church Square for the annual Krampus Run Spectacle.

Watch Video Here:

This is a Christmas party in Austria! The Big Black Horned thing you see is “Krampus” a demon that comes with Santa bringing a bag of Switches for boys and girls that don’t behave. He would also kidnap and eat them. This is the origin of “Santa’s Little Helper” which later became the Elves at the North Pole. Every year in Austria they have a big party for him in December.

This is what sitting on Santa’s lap in Austria looks like. This is Black Pete, another name for Santa in Dutch Colonies. These are the same people who made X-mas legal again in America. It had been outlawed up until the 1800’s by not only the states, but also by the Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and several other Protestant denominations.

1st Corinthians 10:20 But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to Elohiym: and I would not that you should have fellowship with devils.

Santa Claus is “Another Yahuwshuwa.”

Do we realize as believers where the legend of Santa Clause comes from? Here on this web site, I found out something which I have always suspected about the myth known as “Santa Claus:”

Kris Kringle means “Christ child” in German. Santa Claus is also known as “Kriss Kringle” in Scandinavian countries, which is a corruption of the German “Christ Kindl,” meaning Christ Child.

Comparison Between Yahuwshuwa Messiah & Santa Claus 

Yahuwshuwa Messiah: Our Master & Savior According to Scripture
Santa Claus: The Counterfeit According to Myth & Imagination of Men
1. Has white hair like wool (Revelation 1:14)
1. Has white hair like wool
2. Has a beard (Isaiah 50:6)
2. Has a beard
3. Comes in red apparel (Isaiah 63:2)
Messiah will appear in red clothes at his second coming. (Revelation 19:13)
3. Comes in red apparel
4. Hour of His coming is a mystery (Luke 12:40; Mark 13:33)
4. Hour of his coming is a mystery
5. Comes from the North where He lives (Ezekiel 1:4; Psalm 48:2), and where Satan wants to reside (read Isaiah 14:13)
5. Comes from the North where he lives: North Pole
6. Is a carpenter (Mark 6:3)
6. Is a toy carpenter
7. Comes as a thief in the night (Matthew 24:43-44)
7. Comes as a thief in the night. Even gains entrance to homes as a thief.
8. Omnipotent (all powerful) (Matthew 28:18; Revelation 19:6)
8. Omnipotent - can carry and deliver all the toys of the world in one night
9. Omniscient (knows all) (Psalm 139:1-4; Hebrews 4:13; 1 John 3:20) The eyes of YHWH are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)
9. Omniscient - knows if you have been good or bad, for the entire year
10. Omnipresent (Everywhere at one time) (Psalm 139:7-10; Ephesians 4:6; Matthew 18:20; John 3:13)
10. Omnipresent - sees when you’re awake or asleep. Has to be everywhere at once to be able to deliver all the toys in one short night. Is at all the superstores.
11. Yahuwshuwa can come in though the doors are shut. (John 20:19; John 20:26)
11. Santa can come in though the doors are shut.
12. Ageless, eternal (Revelation 1:8; 21:6)
12. Lives forever
13. Lives in men (1st Corinthians 3:16; 2nd Corinthians 6:16-17)
13. Lives in the hearts of children, and the hearts of men. (Jeremiah 17:9)
14. Giver of Gifts (Ephesians 4:8)
14. Giver of Gifts
15. Yahuwshuwa ascends on high and gives gifts, especially the Gift of Eternal life. (Ephesians 4:7-8; Romans 6:23)
15. Santa goes into the air and gives gifts.
16. Yahuwshuwa gives his gifts according to whether you are good or bad. (Revelation 2:23)
16. Santa gives his gifts according to whether you are good or bad.
17. Absolute Truth (John 14:6)
17. Absolute Fable - a lie (1st Timothy 1:4; 4:7; 2 Timothy 4:4)
18. Sits on a throne (Revelation 5:1; Hebrews1:8)
18. Sits on a throne
19. We are told to boldly go to the throne of Grace for our needs (Hebrews 4:16)
19. Children are bidden to approach his throne to ask for anything they want
20. Commands children to obey parents (Ephesians 6:1)
20. Tells children to obey parents
21. Wants little children to come to Him (Mark.10:14)
21. Bids children to come unto him
22. Judges (Romans14:10; Revelation 20:2)
22. Judges whether or not you were good or bad
23. Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6; Hebrews 12:2)
23. Father Christmas (Christ’s mass = Christ’s sacrifice)
24. Christ Child (Matthew 1:23; Luke 2:11-12)
24. Kris Kringle (means Christ child)
Santa Claus is also known as “Kriss Kringle,” (In Scandinavian countries etc), which is a corruption of the German “Christ Kindl,” meaning Christ Child.
25. Worthy of Prayers and Worship (Revelation 5:14 Hebrews 1:6)
25. Prayers and worship to “St. Nick” by children (“Nick” means devil)
26. Lord of Hosts (Malachi 3:5; Isaiah 8:13; Psalms 24:10)
26. Lord over a host of elves - (In Druidic religion, elves are demons or tree spirits)
27. YaHuWaH says, “Ho, ho ...” (Zechariah 2:6)
27. Santa says, “Ho, ho, ho ...”
28. Prince of Peace, the Image of Elohiym (Isaiah 9:6; Hebrews 1:3)
28. Symbol of World Peace, the image of the Christmas Season

Every year, SATAN has his place of being glorified as the Son of God (Kris Kringle), from the North (Ezekiel 1:4; Psalm 48:2, read Isaiah14:13). As Santa Claus, he sits on his throne (Isaiah 14) in all the department stores, where children queue up to ask him for the things they want. 

By focusing their attention on this fat man in a red suit with god-like qualities, children are taught to believe that, just like Santa, YaHuWaH can be pleased with “good works,” done in order to earn His favor. They are also taught that, no matter how bad they have been, they will still be rewarded by Elohiym (God), just as Santa never failed to reward them with gifts.

From an early age children are taught to love material possessions more than YaHuWaH and with the love of trying to get as many presents as possible comes selfishness and love of oneself. They are taught to go to the wrong source for their wants and needs, and are encouraged to behave rightly throughout the year for the wrong reasons. This is all as a result of loving and believing this pagan myth of Santa Claus. YaHuWaH tells us in his word that these symptoms will become evident as we approach the last days:

2nd Timothy 3:1-4 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of Elohiym.

We cannot lie to our children about the myth of Santa Claus and then expect them to want to serve the Messiah of Yisra’el, Yahuwshuwa (Jesus Christ). Our Messiah made it clear that we cannot serve him and material things:

Mattithyahuw (Matthew) 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve Elohiym and mammon (money, materialism).

If we lie to our children about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth fairy, we do the following:

1.) By lying to them about these myths, we set an example to them that “lying is okay” as long as it is in fun and thus we teach our children to tell lies.

2.) We destroy their trust when they find out they have been lied to.

3.) They will question whether or not we lied to them about the reality of our Messiah Yahuwshuwa (Jesus Christ), and they will always have some level of doubt.

4.) We endanger our own souls by telling lies.

2nd Corinthians 4:4 tells us that Satan is “the god of this world”, so it should not come as a surprise that he is popular all over the world as the personage of “Santa Claus.”

The pagan world celebrates “Santa Claus,” (a friend of the world), yet YaHuWaH tells us this: 

Ya’aqob (James) 4:4 …You adulterers and adulteresses, know you not that the friendship of the world is enmity with Elohiym? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of Elohiym.”

No matter how inferior we may feel if we tell our children the truth about Santa Claus, we must realize that YaHuWaH does not want us to go along with the rest of the world:

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of Elohiym.


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