Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Is the Mark of the Beast Spiritual or Physical?

Maria Merola אריאל 
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For those that think the MOB (mark of the beast), is “ONLY SPIRITUAL,” and “NOT PHYSICAL,” or “LITERAL,” please see the graphic below. 

In Revelation 13:16, the word for “MARK” is the Greek word “charagma,” which comes from two Greek root words: “charasso” & “charax.” 

See the definitions below: 

#G5480. CHARAGMA khar’-ag-mah from the same as 5482; A SCRATCH OR ETCHING, i.e. STAMP (AS A BADGE OF SERVITUDE), or sculptured figure (statue):--GRAVEN, MARK. 

#G5482. CHARAX khar’-ax from CHARASSO (TO SHARPEN TO A POINT); akin to 1125 through the idea of scratching); a stake, i.e. (by implication) A PALISADE

In Revelation 13:18, there are THREE GREEK LETTERS THAT REPRESENT the number 666 as follows: 

CHI = 600 

XI = 60 


The word “STIGMA” is as follows: 

#G4742. STIGMA stig’-mah from a primary stizo (to “STICK,” i.e. PRICK); A MARK INCISED OR PUNCHED (FOR RECOGNITION OF OWNERSHIP), i.e. (figuratively) SCAR OF SERVICE:--MARK

What is a “PALISDADE?” 

Also, see my 3-Part Series entitled “The Mark of YaHuWaH or the Mark of the Beast” on YouTube.

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